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A day at UNICEF South Africa

UNICEF South Africa/2017/Lutchman
© UNICEF South Africa/2017/Lutchman
Kiara Nirghin at the UNICEF South Africa Office.

By Kiara Nirghin

Pretoria, 31 August 2017 - After winning the Google Science Fair, Kiara Nirghin was placed on the Times Top 30 list of most influential teenagers of 2016. As a public speaker, she hopes to inspire other young people to pursue their passions and to be a role model in the science field. Kiara spent a morning with UNICEF and describes her experience here.

I am a Grade 12 learner from Johannesburg with a passion for the pursuit of science. I am also a supporter of the work that UNICEF does both globally and in South Africa, so I was very pleased to have the opportunity to spend the morning at the UNICEF office in Pretoria to find out more about the work of this organization which I have long admired.

After winning the International Google Science Fair, I now have a large platform to interact with young people and to encourage the engagement of children in science. I am motivated by the work that UNICEF does to give opportunities for children to pursue their passions and better their future.

My morning at UNICEF was spent assisting with media monitoring and suggesting content for the website. My experience interacting with the welcoming UNICEF South Africa team has further inspired me to use every platform I have been given to live up to the meaningful work that UNICEF does daily.



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