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UNICEF opens the American International School Human Rights Fair

UNICEF South Africa/2017/Barton
Human rights is the topic of conversation at a discussed chaired by UNICEF South Africa Communication Specialist Sudeshan Reddy at the American International School Johannesburg Campus.

Johannesburg, 6 March 2017 – “All human rights are important, and children’s rights need to always be considered.”

With these words, Sudeshan Reddy, Communication Specialist at UNICEF South Africa began the keynote address at the 2nd Annual Human Rights Fair hosted by the American International School in Johannesburg.

The 60 Grade 8 learners were reminded that prejudice is caused by fear and ignorance - and ignorance is challenged by information and by speaking out. The UNICEF presentation focused on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and on the interconnectedness of human rights generally.

The individual experiences of the learners was heard as they grouped into interactive sessions facilitated by UNICEF as well as other organisations present including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the South African Human Rights Commission, the International Organisation for Migration and the International Labour Organisation. In these lively and frank interactions, issues discussed included hate speech, bullying, racism and how one can respond to prejudice and discrimination.

UNICEF remains committed to furthering discussions on human rights with and among young people as it is through such dialogue the prejudice and discrimination is exposed and ended.





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