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UNICEF partners with Ster-Kinekor to combat bullying

24 February 2017 - UNICEF and Ster-Kinekor, one of South Africa’s largest cinema chains, are joining forces to combat bullying by showcasing a 30 second anti-bullying public service announcement in ongoing efforts to campaign against violent behaviour amongst children and adolescents.

According to a 2012 study conducted by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP), 15.3% of children had experienced various types of violence in South African schools. Children who bully their peers often do so to project power and popularity.

With the evolution of technology and an increase of learner’s access to the internet, the nature of bullying has escalated to not only include those who perpetuate the action, but also those who share images and videos.

In the last year children and adolescents have taken to social media to exhibit encounters of bullying in schools, at home and in public areas. In a 2015 study also conducted by the CJCP reported that one in three children in South Africa have been exposed to hate speech and inappropriate images on the internet. This kind of behaviour can have damaging effects on a child that can span a lifetime. UNICEF believes that every child has the right to safe, loving and supportive environment that is free from violence whether it is at school, within their homes or online.

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