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UNICEF South Africa highlights children in the South African budget

UNICEF South Africa/2016
© UNICEF South Africa/2016

Cape Town, November 2016 - Whether nations grow and prosper depends heavily on the survival, health, education and protection of their citizens, particularly children.

With this reality in mind, UNICEF South Africa, in partnership with the International Budget Partnership, hosted a Discussion on the extent to which government budgets
for education, health and social development address the needs of children in South Africa. A diverse audience representing civil society, academia and government participated in the engaging discussion on these critical issues.

In her opening address, the UNICEF South Africa Deputy Representative, Dr Yulia Krieger, highlighted the commitment of UNICEF to advancing the equitable allocation of resources to children.

Four Budget Briefs were presented which described a set of key indicators and examined how national, provincial and municipal budgets are funded. The presentations by the author of the briefs, Debbie Budlender, also explored the shape and size of the relevant budgets while highlighting some of the key funding-related issues.

The Briefs, which were distributed amongst the audience, highlight what proportions the three key sectors – education, health and social assistance, and welfare – constitute of the combined national and provincial budgets.

Download and read the reports 

Budget: Children and South Africa's Education Budget

Budget: Children and South Africa's Health Budget

Budget: Children and South Africa's Social Development Budget

Budget: Children and the South African Budget: The Macro Picture





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