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UNICEF South Africa/2016
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August 2016 - Shane Bassin is a Grade 11 learner from Johannesburg with a bright simile, an infectious charisma, a helpful attitude, and commendable insight into the work which UNICEF does globally and in South Africa. In an effort to learn more about working for the United Nations after he attains a degree, Shane, a student at King David High Linksfield, spent the day at the UNICEF offices in Pretoria. In doing so, had the opportunity to interact with the Communication and Partnerships team.

“My passion for human rights started from a young age,” says Shane as he recounts his experience assisting his mother with her work as an activist for children’s rights. Shane believes that violence against children has no place in the future of South Africa’s youth, and he is moved by the work that UNICEF does to advocate for a violence-free society for himself and his peers.

“UNICEF ensures that the aspirations and dreams of so many children are fulfilled and the untold projects that they run truly make this world a better place,” Shane responds when asked about his experience. “It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of a day in the life of real heroes,” he adds. 





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