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A visit to the Northern Cape: 5 Questions to Herve de Lys
1 December 2016 - Known for its stark desert landscapes and vast swathes of arid beauty, the Northern Cape is SA’s least densely populated province. It is also a province where thousands of children are trapped in cycles of poverty and violence.

Tiny Story Author Michelle Nkamankeng receives ‘Girl Child of Promise Award’ at Women in the Arts and UNICEF@70 Event
8 December 2016 – During the Mbokodo Awards, an event to recognise women who have shown leadership to strengthen the arts, on 8 December, UNICEF’s Tiny Story Author, 7 year-old Michelle Nkamankeng, received the ‘Girl Child of Promise'Award.

World Prematurity Day: Saving young lives in South Africa through technology
November 2016 - Prematurity is one of the leading causes of death in children under 5 globally and in South Africa it is one in three major causes of newborn deaths.

The Child Gauge Report 2016: Children and social assistance
November 2016 - “It is hard to imagine that South Africa could have a better investment in its future than its child grants. There is no single investment that can yield more promise than the Child Support Grant.” Dr Yulia Krieger, Deputy Representative.

UNICEF South Africa highlights children in the South African budget
November 2016 - Whether nations grow and prosper depends heavily on the survival, health, education and protection of their citizens, particularly children.

UNICEF South Africa promotes Tiny Stories: “What I want for every child”
14 November 2016 - On the 20th of November this year, UNICEF marks the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child around the theme, ‘What I want for every child’ under the hashtag ‘#ForEveryChild.’

Jo-Ann Strauss appointed as UNICEF South Africa’s newest Ambassador
October 2016 - UNICEF South Africa has appointed Ms. Jo-Ann Strauss as its newest Ambassador. Former Miss South Africa and businessperson will build on her current role as a Celebrity Advocate to raise awareness about UNICEF’s role in South Africa.

Save the date: THE LANCET Advancing Early Childhood Development: From Science to Scale (South African Launch)
Date: 7 December 2016 Time: 17h00 Venue: CSIR International Convention Centre | Pretoria

Technogirls opens doors in science and technology
11 October 2016 – Fifteen-year-old Nomonde Malaza smiles as she walks through the corridors of Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport. Although she is not catching a flight or travelling to far-off places, being here today is a dream come true.

Tippy Tap: Improving the lives of children in rural South Africa
6 October 2016 - A ‘tippy tap’ may at first sound like a toy, but this innovative device is used by rural communities to address issues of health care and good hygiene practices in various parts of South Africa.

Pursuing her dreams with confidence
September 2016 - UNICEF has been working with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee in the Northern Cape to increase capacity development of edu-cators and coaches.

Speaking out on positive change: An interview with Destiny Faye
August 2016 - Voices of Youth (VOY) is an online platform where young people discover various issues political and personal which affect their peers in different parts of the world through discussion forums and personal blogs.

A day at UNICEF
August 2016 - Shane Bassin is a Grade 11 learner from Johannesburg with a bright simile, an infectious charisma, a helpful attitude, and commendable insight into the work which UNICEF does globally and in South Africa.

Young leaders discuss the state of the world’s children
30 June 2016 - “African Development: Youth Voices on Agenda 2030” was the theme of this year’s Young Leaders Conference hosted by the SA Institute of International Affairs. UNICEF launched its SOWC 2016 report at this key gathering of young people.

World Breastfeeding Week 2016
28 July 2016 - World Breastfeeding Week takes place from 1 to 7 August, highlighting the support women need to provide their children with the healthiest start to life by breastfeeding. By choosing to exclusively breastfeed a baby for the first six months

UNICEF Executive Director visits Prince Mshiyeni Hospital in Durban
17 July 2016 – Prince Mshiyeni’s hospital room resounded with the uplifting words of the song, ‘Why don’t you EMTCT where you are?’, welcoming UNICEF Executive Director Tony Lake on the eve of the International AIDS conference starting on 18 July.

A brighter future beckons through Isibindi
March 2016 - As one leaves the city of East London on South Africa’s southern coast, the winding gravel road is a reminder of the large swathes of South Africa that are still rural and in which the challenges of rural poverty are real.

Isibindi: Guiding tomorrows leaders
March 2017 - “I am an example of the success of this programme” asserts 19-year old Vuyo Gqotholo, as he sits in the shade provided by one of the former shipping containers that make up this Safe Park on the outskirts of King Williams Town.

The best gift
March 2016 - The road to the town of Alice in the Eastern Cape takes one through lush, rolling hills before plateauing as the iconic University of Fort Hare approaches, the alma mater of numerous African statesmen including Nelson Mandela.

Isibindi: Making brighter futures possible
March 2016 - On the edges of East London airport, a series of informal settlements called Fort Grey dot the landscape. In one of these small, neat semi-formal structures, sits Nolusindiso, a former participate in the Adolescent Development Programme.

Isibindi: Making a real difference
24 February 2016 - The lush greenery in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is a welcome sign that the long-delayed rains have finally arrived.

Safe Parks: Making a positive difference
18 February 2016 - A neat gravel road on the outskirts of East London leads to Ncefa Village where a recently-established Safe Park provides a sanctuary for children and youth from five neighbouring villages.

Lego: Adding colour to playtime
4 February 2016 - “Tomatoes are red and apples are green” exclaim an enthusiastic group of twenty three-year-olds at the Diepsloot Pre-School as they proudly hold up red and green Lego bricks in their little hands.

Mining, civil society and UNICEF agree to partner to further children’s rights within the mining sector
9 February, 2016 - UNICEF in partnership with the National Business Initiative, and the South African Human Rights Commission, held a breakfast Roundtable to discuss ways in which Children’s Rights can be upheld and preserved in the SA Mining Industry

Loving Lego, learning Lego
January 2016 - “I love Lego” exclaims five-year-old Dominic as he puts together the finishing touches to his tower using only green Lego bricks as requested by his teacher Lu-Anne Pieteresen. The Kids for Success Centre is located in the city of Kimberly.

Lego helping join young hands together
January 2016 - Swarishing means “joining hands together” in Sepedi, a language spoken in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The Swarishing Centre is located at the end of a dusty road where it stands as an oasis of colour in a small village.



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