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The Bright Kid Foundation: A true commitment to early childhood development
28 May 2019 - A gravel road close to the world-renowned Cradle of Humankind leads one to a brightly-painted picket fence behind a series of colourful buildings. As one enters, one is greeted by laughing children enjoying their playtime break.

Elsie Manaswe: Engineering a brighter future
17 May 2019 - In her neat and tidy townhouse in the leafy northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Elsie Manaswe explains her TechnoGirl Programme journey from the township of Soshanguve outside Pretoria.

Raquel Sorota: Discovering new opportunities through TechnoGirl Programme
17 May 2019 - With an infectious smile and a warm confidence, Raquel Sorota embodies the success of the TechnoGirl programme. Meeting her in the new offices of Discovery, Raquel recounts how the programme helped lead her to where she is today.

Trudy Dladla: Inspired by TechnoGirl Programme
17 May 2019 - With a welcoming hug and a ready smile, Trudy Dladla is both confident and engaging. Sitting on the grounds of the University of Johannesburg where she is in her second year of studies in Homeopathy, Trudy recounts her positive experience.

Building a group handwashing station: Providing children with a healthier learning experience
19 April 2019 - Rainclouds gather over the highveld as workers painstakingly mix cement, pile bricks and erect a tin roof on the grounds of Montsosi Primary School in Sebokeng, a township west of Johannesburg.

South Africa hosts first-ever Africa Continental Play-based Learning Conference
Pretoria, 11 February 2019 - Ensuring that the children of Africa are adequately prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, defined by fast-paced social, economic and technological change, requires re-thinking and re-imagining...

Future diplomats in session: UNICEF and the Johannesburg Model UN
15 September 2018 - In a bright auditorium 300 high school learners gather to participate in the annual Johannesburg Model UN Conference organized by the South African Institute of International Affairs.

Telling our stories: UNICEF supports Digital Storytelling for young people
9 September 2018 - “We all have access to apps on our smartphones but we are all not aware of how we can use these apps to tell young peoples’ stories” explains South African Youth Reporter Bongani Dlamini.

Half of world’s teens experience peer violence in and around school – UNICEF
NEW YORK, 6 September 2018 – Half of students aged 13 to 15 worldwide – around 150 million – report having experienced peer-to-peer violence in and around school, according to a new report released by UNICEF today.

Making care and support for teaching and learning a reality
13 June 2018 - All children and adolescents need care and support so that they can develop, participate and contribute to society.

Fathers are one of the best, yet most underutilized child development resources – UNICEF
16 June 2018 – As Father’s Day is celebrated across the world, UNICEF launched the second phase of its “Worth it” campaign. The campaign, in its second year, is being conducted in partnership with musicians Zakes Bantwini, Danny K and Kabelo Mabelane.

“Let’s Play”: UNICEF, SuperSport and WWE celebrate the power of sport to help foster violence-free schools
19 April 2018 - Statistics show that currently over 20% of learners in South Africa have either been threatened or experienced some form of violence in schools and 31% of school learners consume alcohol as a way to release stress.

Invitation: Inaugural National Conference on Care and Support for Teaching and Learning
April 2018 - The Care and Support for Teaching and Learning Conference:Consolidating our collective efforts is a collaborative partnership between the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF and MIET Africa to acknowledge and advance the importance ...

UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Institute: Helping make reading the passport to success
13 March 2018 - It is a reality that education is a necessary tool to break the cycle of poverty. This is particularly true in the rural areas of many developing countries, where generations are unable to advance economically due to not having the basic..

Care and Support for Teaching and Learning: UNICEF and MIET working to leave no child behind
26 February 2018 - Funjwa Primary School is located on the outskirts of the town of Hoedspruit, bordering South Africa’s iconic Kruger National Park. Humid and lush vegetation characterise this part of the country, known as the ‘lowveld’.

UNICEF South Africa hosts Next Gen visit
2 February 2018 - The UNICEF Next Generation (Next Gen) comprises a group of young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in their 20s and 30s who commit their resources, resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work.

Invest in children for sustainable development
CAPE TOWN, 28 November 2017 – Most of South Africa’s children are surviving, but too many are failing to thrive and achieve their full potential, and this is costing the economy billions in lost human potential.

UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education: Strengthening quality education in South Africa
Pretoria, 18 August 2017 - Children today face unique challenges compared to their peers a few decades ago. They grow up in a dynamic, fast-paced world that requires an evolving skills set.

Early Grade Reading Study is helping to end the cycle of poverty
8 September 2017 - A long and dusty gravel road leads to a series of flat concrete structures that comprise Mogodiri Intermediate School on the outskirts of Ventersdorp in the North-West province of South Africa.

Using mobile learning to support quality education
7-8 August 2017 - With technology evolving rapidly, the benefits of learning through mobile phones and tablets has become increasingly evident.

Play power: Building a better future for children
13 July 2017 - “P-L-A-Y” being enthusiastically sung to the tune of “YMCA” is not the usual way one opens a conference. But this was no ordinary policy gathering – this was the Play Conference” in which the importance of play for children was the focus.

Early Moments Matter: UNICEF supports Father's Day with Zakes Bantwini
7 June 2017 - UNICEF launched its Father’s Day campaign with celebrated musician and its Celebrity Advocate Zakes Bantwini supported by the LEGO Foundation today.

UNICEF supporting youth empowerment through sport
17 May 2017: 15-year old Boitumelo Khoza, a Grade 10 learner from Lambalati Secondary School, is a netball player as well as the Provincial President of the Girls and Boys Education Movement (GEM/BEM) club in Mpumalanga province.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained
10 May 2017 - In a world of fast-evolving technology, the concept of ‘mobile-learning’ (or “m-learning” as it is known) is becoming an increasingly popular means of educating learners, in South Africa and globally.

Learning Through Playing: launch of online training for Early Childhood Development and the Foundation Phase
9 March 2017 - Evidence shows that a play-based approach to learning allows children to better understand mathematical and language concepts and to become creative, solution-oriented learners...

TechnoGirl: Making opportunity possible
7 March 2017 - TechnoGirl, a Department of Basic Education and UNICEF initiative, is an innovative job-shadowing programme for girl high school learners who have an interest and an aptitude for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathemarics.

Championing change in the Northern Cape
21 February 2017 - Sports and physical activity in South Africa are often viewed as an opportunity to safeguard the future of children and young people across all walks of life.

Video: Fatherhood and Early Childhood Development
19 January 2017 - A short video with information and tips for fathers during their child's early months.

Video: TechnoGirl
19 January 2017 - UNICEF, in partnership with the national Department of Education, established the TechnoGirls mentorship programme in 2005.

Save the date: THE LANCET Advancing Early Childhood Development: From Science to Scale (South African Launch)
Date: 7 December 2016 Time: 17h00 Venue: CSIR International Convention Centre | Pretoria

Girls spend 160 million more hours than boys doing household chores everyday – UNICEF
11 October, 2016 – Girls between 5 and 14 years old spend 40 per cent more time, or 160 million more hours a day, on unpaid household chores and collecting water and firewood compared to boys their age, according to a report released by UNICEF.

Technogirls opens doors in science and technology
11 October 2016 – Fifteen-year-old Nomonde Malaza smiles as she walks through the corridors of Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport. Although she is not catching a flight or travelling to far-off places, being here today is a dream come true.

Pursuing her dreams with confidence
September 2016 - UNICEF has been working with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee in the Northern Cape to increase capacity development of edu-cators and coaches.

Play-based learning takes centre stage
14 July 2016 - The critical need for training and the implementation of play-based learning has been highlighted as priorities at a three day conference held in Johannesburg.

Lego: Adding colour to playtime
4 February 2016 - “Tomatoes are red and apples are green” exclaim an enthusiastic group of twenty three-year-olds at the Diepsloot Pre-School as they proudly hold up red and green Lego bricks in their little hands.

Loving Lego, learning Lego
January 2016 - “I love Lego” exclaims five-year-old Dominic as he puts together the finishing touches to his tower using only green Lego bricks as requested by his teacher Lu-Anne Pieteresen. The Kids for Success Centre is located in the city of Kimberly.

Lego helping join young hands together
January 2016 - Swarishing means “joining hands together” in Sepedi, a language spoken in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The Swarishing Centre is located at the end of a dusty road where it stands as an oasis of colour in a small village.

UNICEF and the GEM-BEM: Continuing to make a positive difference
9 December 2015 - Since its launch by UNICEF in South Africa in 2003 the Girl Empowerment Movement – Boy Empowerment Movement (GEM/BEM) programme has grown with hundreds of so-called ‘gemmers and bemmers’ countrywide today.

Learning about child soldiers
25 November 2015 - As part of preparations for an upcoming Model United Nations Debate (MUN), Rodean High School invited UNICEF to address 90 learners on the issue of ‘child soldiers.’

Promoting Physical Education in schools: A joint effort by UNICEF and partners
19-20 November 2015 - It is increasingly acknowledged that the health of school-going learners is enhanced by effective physical education programmes.

Kwa-Zulu-Natal learners attend screening of “He Named Me Malala”
7 November 2015 - UNICEF was pleased to bring 140 learners from rural and peri-urban schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) to a viewing of the acclaimed documentary, “He Named Me Malala”.

"Let’s Play" celebrates 10 years
5 November 2015 - With more than 450 schools having competed in the Let’s Play Physical Education Challenge, this has become arguably the biggest schools fitness initiative ever.

UNICEF South Africa hosts screening of “He named me Malala”
1 November 2015 - Even though she is only 18 years of age, the story of Malala Yousafzai is a remarkable one. Shot in the head for seeking an education for her and other girls in the Swat Valley of Pakistan, this remarkable young woman survived....

Teaching with technology: UNICEF, DBE and Microsoft working together
15 – 18 September 2015: UNICEF played an instrumental role in securing a partnership between Microsoft South Africa and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to deliver the Teaching with Technology Course, at the Microsoft premises.

Sports For Development: UNICEF and the eKasi Cricket Cup Challenge
9 September 2015 - The third edition of the Momentum eKasi Cup Challenge saw hosts the Unlimited Titans play against their Gauteng rivals, the Bizhub Highveld Lions, at the Mamelodi Cricket Oval.

Role-playing global leadership: Model United Nations in the Northern Cape
15 August 2015 - The past few months of 2015 has seen thousands of migrants, including children, undertaking perilous journeys, largely from Africa to Europe, in order to escape conflict and poverty.

Empowering young men in South Africa
31 July 2015 - Simpimwe has been working as a child care worker for the past five years. He is from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa and he cares passionately about supporting his community.

UNICEF supports Farm School Camp
27 June 2015 - In preparation for the 2015 South African schools Choral Eisteddfod (SASCE) National Championships, UNICEF organised a learning camp for 95 learners and educators from farm schools in rural communities throughout the country.

Sexual health and education for children: UNICEF convenes Roundtable Discussion
27 May 2015 - Issues around children and sexuality are often contentious with strong views on all sides. On the 5th of May 2015, the Department of Basic Education introduced its Draft National Policy on HIV, STIs and TB for public comment.

Joint Media Statement by UNICEF and partners in support of the Department of Basic Education making available sexual and reproductive health services in schools
27 May 2015 - UNICEF South Africa and our partners welcome and support the Department of Basic Education’s Draft National Policy on HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and TB released on 5 May 2015 for public comment.

Baroness Amos joins Beyond Sport and UNICEF at Johannesburg high school
28 October 2014 - Baroness Amos has joined forces with Beyond Sport and UNICEF South Africa by visiting Dr. E.G Jansen High School in Johannesburg to learn about the importance that sport plays in educational and social development.

Australian netball players share skills with rising stars
16 October 2014 – Thirty local schoolgirls were given a unique opportunity in Potchefstroom on Thursday as the Australian Centre of Excellence squad took time out from the SPAR International Netball Series to participate in a coaching clinic.

Ukufunda Virtual School puts the power of basic education back into the hands of every learner, teacher and parent in South Africa
12 September 2014 - Learning and teaching will become even more exciting in public schools with the launch of an innovative tool that will support classroom activities.

Children becoming the change they want to see in the world
12 May 2014 - Tebogo felt a sense of despair as she looked around her community: some of her peers were falling pregnant and substance abuse was turning into a common occurrence, but then she discovered a community of her peers that felt passionate about

Sport leading the way to a brighter future and a closer community
March 2014 - Two teams of young boys are engaged in a rugby match to the sound of clapping, cheering and shouts of encouragement from the spectators. The excited murmur is in stark contrast to the gunfire and sirens that plagued the Hanover Park community

On International Day of the Girl Child, innovation key to more girls in school and learning
11 October 2013 – To mark the second International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF today highlighted the power of innovation to get more girls in school and improve the quality of learning for all children.

South Africa stands to benefit significantly from investing in its young
10 October 2013 - Better school results, increased productivity, long-term economic growth and social cohesion are some of the benefits that South Africa can gain by investing early in its children.

Sinking her teeth into a male-dominated career field
9 October 2013 - International Day of the Girl Child is 11 October 2013. This year’s Day focuses on innovating for girls’ education.

NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF
29 August 2013 – National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Kyrie Irving has just concluded a visit to Gauteng, South Africa, where he participated in a variety of educational programs supported by UNICEF’s Schools for Africa initiative.

IKEA Norway visits South Africa to learn about Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools
26 June 2013 - In South Africa, the Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools Programme enjoys the support of this highly successful campaign. But the buyers of the soft toys are not the only heroes.

GEM/BEM Sports Progamme giving future leaders a sporting chance
March 2013 - Sixteen-year-old Ntloso is smiling wholeheartedly as he jogs around a sports field at the break of dawn. Dozens of children and young people are gathered on the same field: running, stretching and talking excitedly.

Santam and UNICEF partner to promote quality education and safer schools
13 March 2013 – Santam today partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Department of Education in Mpumalanga to promote safer schools and quality education in the province.

UNICEF applauds South Africa’s new integrated school health programme
12 October 2012 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) welcomes the adoption of South Africa’s new integrated school health programme, which was launched by President Jacob Zuma at a ceremony in Cullinan yesterday.

Young South African set to run in London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay
22 March 2012 - Moegamat Rogers from Hanover Park, Western Cape has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to run with the Olympic Torch as a result of his involvement in London 2012’s international sports legacy programme, International Inspiration.

Going beyond the ABCs
21 December 2011 - It’s not just another activity … the Girls and Boys Education Movement – simply known as ‘GEM/BEM’ – helps children and young people to recognise and make the most of their potential.

South African youth ready to lead the battle against climate change
30 November 2011 - As world leaders gather in Durban this week seeking a consensus during the 17th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, young South Africans have been asking tough questions...

Techno Girl Programme tackles skills shortage in South Africa
4 November 2011– An innovative public-private partnership seeking to reverse the growing skills shortage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in SA is encouraging girls to pursue careers in these fields by giving them first-hand experience

UNICEF study explores the social networking habits of young people
11 October 2011 - Ask the parent of the average South African teenager what their child gets up to in the evenings, and many will tell you that their sons or daughters are probably typing away on their cellphones, on the country's largest social network..

Early Childhood Development – the best start in life
September 2011 - Lindiwe, a 21-year-old mother of two, sings a lullaby to her baby. A lullaby that has been passed down by generations, sung to her by her mother and grandmother, known to children and mothers across South Africa.

Sport for Development scores a goal at Senaoane
August 2011 - A healthy body, a healthy mind. This is one of the philosophies behind the Sports for Development programme, which in now in its fourth year at Senaoane Secondary School in Soweto.

Girls go Techno
14 July 2011 - South Africa has a shortage of skills in science, technology and engineering. So, you may be surprised to learn that generally, the country’s girls have not been encouraged to pursue traditionally male-dominated subjects.

Hope shines at Mountview Secondary School
21 June 2011 - Hanover Park is often in the media for all the wrong reasons – the community has long been crippled by gangsterism and drug abuse – and growing up there is no easy feat.

Child Friendly Schools in the Northern Cape: KimKgolo Primary School
April 2011 - “At our school we take every opportunity that avails itself to us to. We work very hard to improve the school,” says Kelebogile Suipers, Principal of KimKgolo Primary School, Galeshewe township in Kimberley.

ICC international women’s cricket players unite against AIDS
Cape Town, 21 Feb, 2007… The leading women cricketers of the world are no match for nine year- old Sisipho, a student at Mbekweni Primary school located in the bustling Cape township of the same name.

Fields of dreams take shape at Mountview High School
Cape Town, 2 February…It was a cool Saturday morning in Hanover Park, a poor community with a history of drugs and gang-related violence, near Cape Town. By 7 a.m. hundreds of children in crisp school uniforms, representing the 14 schools already arrived

A school with passion
In 2000, Vuyiswa-Mtolo Senior Secondary School in KwaMashu, in Durban, was shut down when it received a 0 per cent pass rate for matric, the school-leaving exam. Today, it is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s best performers with a pass rate of almost 99 per cent.

Impact on children: youth development and HIV prevention
Almost 1 million AIDS orphans are under the age of 15; girls are often forced to stay at home to look after sick family members, and many teachers are themselves becoming victims of HIV and AIDS. Read more...

GEM and Bread
To ensure that the GEM is not a waste of time and to encourage more children and young people to participate in the GEM activities Millet Nkonyane, says that she and her group try to use creative ways in which to attract membership. Read more...



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