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Loving Lego, learning Lego

UNICEF South Africa/2015
© UNICEF South Africa/2015

January 2016 - “I love Lego” exclaims five-year-old Dominic as he puts together the finishing touches to his tower using only green Lego bricks as requested by his teacher Lu-Anne Pieteresen.

The Kids for Success Centre is located in the city of Kimberly in the Northern Cape province of South Africa – the country’s largest (though most sparsely populated province). It is a region where the majority of inhabitants are living below the poverty line. Working with UNICEF and the Department of Education, the Lego Foundation is working towards breaking the cycle of poverty that many children and their families are trapped in,

By providing innovative learning at effective ECD Centres, the Lego Foundation is helping provide the foundations for a solid understanding of basic skills.

The ‘Lego lessons’ take place three times a week for 30 minutes at a time and the feedback from the children is encouraging. “I like the nice colours” say Jamie and Santano, almost in unison, while Dudu likes the way that “we learn maths” in the Lego lessons.

For Lu-Anne Pieterse, the training provided by the Lego Foundation was very helpful as it taught her that “Lego is so much more than a toy which was all I used to see it as until now”. Laughing, she adds that the “kids know think I am be the best teacher.”






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