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Lego helping join young hands together

UNICEF South Africa/2015
© UNICEF South Africa/2015

January 2016 - Swarishing means “joining hands together” in Sepedi, a language spoken in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

The Swarishing Centre is located at the end of a dusty road where it stands as an oasis of colour in a small village. It is where nearly 300 children between the ages of 2 and 5 spend their days learning and playing.

Through a donation by the Lego Foundation, the children have the chance to combine both playing and learning. Holding individual blocks in their hands, the children are asked, in their native Sepedi, to identify the colour of block balanced on their left and then their right hands, thus teaching both colour and balance at the same time.

The Principal of the Swarishing, Melita Talakgale is herself a recipient of the training organised by the Lego Foundation in August 2015 and is grateful that hers is one of 12 ECD centres in Limpopo to receive the Lego Boxes.

“Lego opened my eyes to see how much can be done” says Melita as she speaks about the difference that she has noted among the children who are more attentive and participatory. “It has taught them to wait their turn and to be patient” in a way that is tangible and real. 





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