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Role-playing global leadership: Model United Nations in the Northern Cape

UNICEF South Africa/ 2015
© UNICEF South Africa/2015

Kimberly, 15 August 2015 - The past few months of 2015 has seen thousands of migrants, including children, undertaking perilous journeys, largely from Africa to Europe, in order to escape conflict and poverty.

This humanitarian situation was the focus of a Model United Nations debate among high school students in the Northern Cape who discussed the issue “Migration as a human right.”

A Model UN debate involves teams of students role-playing the member states of the United Nations. Here, they debate the critical issues that the UN is grappling with and find solutions to these issues in line with the policies of the country they are representing.

The South African Model UN Programme is a project of Education Africa and is unique in that it pairs resourced and under-resourced schools, learners and educators as they form cohesive debating teams.

The Provincial Legislature in Kimberly was the venue for the debate which was adjudicated by the UNICEF South Africa Communication Specialist, Sudeshan Reddy. In his address, Mr. Reddy focused on the work of UNICEF both globally and in South Africa and commended the learners and their educators for their commitment and for fostering a global citizenry.






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