Help to stop the COVID-19 coronavirus

An educational game developed as part of ECD Let’s play, learn and grow together and the Grade R to 9 Active Learning@Home series. The basis is to try to find behaviour that are protective as well as risky during the time of COVID-19.

UNICEF South Africa/2020


An educational game conceptualised and developed as part of ECD Let’s play, learn and grow together and the Grade R to (Active Learning@Home series. The basis is to try to find behaviour that are protective as well as risky during the time of COVID-19.

  • The game is not competitive (about winning or losing). It is educational about understanding, talking, asking questions, and having fun while taking part.
  • The conversation about the things people do that can make them sick and the things they can do to protect themselves, is very important. 
  • The game gives parents a chance to talk about the virus and to help children learn about the right things to do to keep healthy and safe. 
  • This game can be played by one player or as a group. It is better if parents or other adults play this with children to talk about all the things they find.
  • There is a message for the parents on the back page as well as more details about the game.

Files available for download