Brief on Scoping Study to determine priority geographical areas for face-to-face training and capacity development of parents with children aged birth to six years


The purpose of this study is to identify indicators for geographical targeting in the roll out of the National Parenting Parental/Primary Caregiver Capacity Building Training Programme (NPP). The first six years of a child’s life lay the groundwork for subsequent health, personality development and intellectual growth. During this period, children are heavily dependent on the care they receive from their parents and/ their primary caregiver. However, many parents find it difficult to provide their children with optimal care and stimulation. Therefore, parent support programmes are important in promoting the survival and optimal development of children. This brief provides recommendations on indicators to determine priority geographical areas and characteristics of priority at-risk parents of children aged birth to six years for programme roll out.

ZAF-Brief-scoping-study-priorities-face-face-parenting 2023-cover
UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education

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