Gavin Rajah

Cape Town Fashion Week
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In his work with UNICEF, Rajah champions child protection, focusing on the care and protection of orphans and other vulnerable children like those in child-headed households.

As a proudly South African haute couture designer with a passion for the safety, protection and the overall well being of children, Gavin Rajah’s humanitarian and design work has already delivered million dollar partnerships and alliances for UNICEF. Rajah is passionate about empowering the destitute and homeless.

Prior to his UNICEF collaboration Rajah launched POSITIVE, an event geared towards raising funds for children with HIV/AIDS in South Africa in 2006. POSITIVE was the first Pan-African collaboration featuring designers, artists and musicians in one singular performance headlined by international artist Seal. Rajah’s charity work has also included specially staged events furthering breast cancer research and HIV/AIDS prevention and cure. 

Gavin Rajah
© Gavin Rajah
Mr. Rajah is a committed advocate for children’s right to protection and full development.

Projects Gavin Rajah already accomplished for UNICEF South Africa

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