UNICEF in the State of Palestine Escalation Humanitarian Situation Report No.5

Reporting Period: 3 to 9 November 2023


• Every day over 400 children are reported killed or injured in the Gaza Strip, 4,324 children are reported killed since the start of hostilities.

• 1.5 million people are internally displaced in the Gaza Strip – half of whom are children.

• More than 1/3 of hospitals and 2/3 of primary health care facilities are closed in the Gaza Strip. WHO has documented 235 attacks on health care in the State of Palestine since 7 October.

• In the West Bank children continue to face conflict-related violence and insecurity, 46 children are reported killed in the West Bank since 7 October.

• UNICEF has supported water trucking and additional WASH activities to shelters, serving an estimated 1 million people in the Gaza Strip including over 560,000 children.

• UNICEF addressed sanitation issues with 30 solid waste containers and cleaning services in shelters, benefitting 26,000 people in the Gaza Strip.

• In the Gaza Strip 194,000 people including women, adolescent girls and newborns were reached with lifesaving medical supplies.

• In the Gaza Strip, over 2,900 people (2,600 children) received psychosocial support through helplines and partners.

• Humanitarian cash transfers were provided to 2,087 conflict-affected households.

• UNICEF has provided recreational activities with partners for 11,110 children.

• UNICEF is providing supplements to over 105,000 breastfeeding mothers who are struggling to feed themselves and their babies.


Situation reports are the main reporting tool to monitor UNICEF’s humanitarian response. They provide an update on the situation and needs of children in a country or region, as well as information on UNICEF’s response and funding requirements.

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