UNICEF in the State of Palestine Escalation Humanitarian Situation Report No.15

Reporting Period: 11 to 17 January 2024


  • Children in the Gaza Strip continue to face the 'triple threat’ of conflict, disease, and malnutrition. Their life conditions are further challenged by the cold winter.
  • More than 152,000 cases of diarrhoea have been reported since mid-October 2023. Over half of these cases are among young children under the age of 5 years – a 23-fold increase from the 2022 baseline.
  • Various diseases are prevalent in the Gaza Strip; close to 215,000 cases of upper respiratory infection and numerous cases of jaundice, skin rashes, scabies, lice and chickenpox have been reported by WHO.
  • Food continues to be an acute need. The entire population of the Gaza Strip is in crisis or worse levels of acute food insecurity, particularly children.
  • UNICEF has provided psychosocial support services for more than 55,000 people including over 44,000 children. Of those, more than 30,000 children received in-person psychosocial services, including 287 children with disabilities.
  • During the reporting period, UNICEF provided over 99,280 litres of fuel to run water wells and desalination plants, reaching over 1.3 million people with water, including over 670,000 children. UNICEF further supported cleaning services at 28 overcrowded shelters, to address solid waste and environmental hygiene needs, benefiting over 169,235 people, including 86,300 children. No fuel convoys were allowed to go to the North, leaving thousands of people with very limited water and sanitation services.
  • UNICEF continues to ensure that communities have direct, safe and confidential channels for any complaint or feedback regarding UNICEF and partners’ interventions. Since 7 October, 4,825 pieces of feedback and complaints have been received through different feedback channels.
  • UNICEF has moved 343 truck loads into the Gaza Strip since 21 October, bringing in critical emergency supplies, health items and supplementary foods.

Situation reports are the main reporting tool to monitor UNICEF’s humanitarian response. They provide an update on the situation and needs of children in a country or region, as well as information on UNICEF’s response and funding requirements.

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