UNICEF Assessment Report

on Joint UN Interventions, 2021


With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, Members States are committed to achieve the SDGs through improved financing mechanisms, including pooling of resources and support to enhanced collaboration within the UN Development System (UNDS). The UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) will guide the UN Country Teams’ collective response to national development plans. The Decade of Action by the UN Secretary-General (SG) also states that “the 2030 Agenda requires bold changes” to the UNDS for the emergence of a new generation of country teams, centred on a strategic UNSDCF and led by an impartial, independent, and empowered Resident Coordinator. Further, the SG’s 2021 Vision Statement states that “the Sustainable Development Agenda is the negotiated blueprint for our partnership with governments and societies to build peaceful, prosperous, and inclusive societies on a healthy planet. The Decade of Action is aimed at transforming institutions and structures, broadening inclusion and driving sustainability.”1 This reaffirms that the SDGs remain central to national development plans demanding enhanced partnerships among the UNDS given their inter-disciplinary nature, and requiring a multi-sectorial and multi-partner response.


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