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In Somalia, every day is a struggle to find enough water

27 March 2018 - For the millions of desperate people in Somalia suffering the effects of the sweeping drought, there is never enough water. Over a million people left their homes for makeshift camps after their crops and animals died in search of water and aid. UNICEF supported by donors such as UKaid have massively increased emergency water supplies through trucking and providing vouchers – reaching 1.8 million last year and over 100,000 so far in 2018.

UNICEF Somalia World Water Day 2018 - Hussein

In 2017, most of the deaths recorded were due to cholera. Providing safe water to drink will help to prevent another outbreak.

UNICEF Somalia World Water Day 2018 - Amar

Ensuring the family has enough water for all their basic needs can take several hours. Children like 13 year old Amar have to help their mother get water rather than going to school.

UNICEF and UKaid provide emergency water for displaced Somalis

Seven out of ten people in Somalia do not have enough water to meet their basic needs. UNICEF and partners will continue to provide emergency supplies while continuing to provide longer term solutions.



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