A safe delivery of unexpected triplets

Free health and maternity services to pregnant mothers

09 February 2022

Galgaduud, Somalia: Kafiya, a 35-year-old mother of five went into labor in early December and while she had planned to give birth at home, nine hours of labor showed no progress. Despite the violent clashes that were ongoing nearby, her family was convinced that she must get medical help.

Her mother and brother accompanied her to the Mercy-USA Midnimo Referral Center maternity ward that afternoon and was admitted immediately. She was by this point in active labor and it was discovered that she was carrying three babies.

While the surgical room was readied, Mercy-USA’s physicans were able to assist Kafiya in a natural delivery of three healthy babies, two boys and a girl!


The babies received all vital immunizations and newborn care before the mother and the new babies returned home.

Kafiya was encouraged by the healthcare staff to utilize all the important services the clinic offers to lactating mothers and their children. Agreeing, she said, “We are grateful to the Almighty, we are grateful to the doctors, and to everyone who made this service possible.”

With the generous support of UNICEF, Mercy-USA is providing free health and maternity services to pregnant mothers at the Midnimo Referral Center in Abudwak district, Somalia.