Dreams of the future

Educating children is an investment

UNICEF Somalia
UNICEF Somalia/2021/Taxta
04 February 2021

Education prepares children to succeed in school, perform productive work, take care of themselves, and lead fulfilling lives.  It can pave the way for children to realize their dreams and aspirations.

UNICEF Somalia/2021/Taxta

"When I grow up, I want to be a doctor or an engineer," said Abdikarim Ahmed Rookley. He likes to learn about health and things related to human life. In school, his favourite subject is science. "It is important to build my mind to attain my future goals," he added.

UNICEF Somalia/2021/Taxta

“My education is important to me so that I can serve my parents and my community in the future,” said Halimo Abdirahman Ismail. “I enjoy the math classes. Math challenges me to think and puts my brain to work,” she added. “I dream of using the knowledge I’ve gained and becoming the president one day,” she noted proudly.

UNICEF Somalia/2021/Taxta

“I speak Somali as my mother tongue and it’s my favourite subject,” explained Abdishakur Mohamed Shiekh. He wants to learn in school and succeed in life.

Many children in Somalia are not as fortunate as Abdikarim, Halimo and Abdishakur. For more than three million Somali children, going to school and receiving a good education is still a dream out of reach.

UNICEF Somalia/2021/Taxta

There are several reasons why these children are out of school. In addition to poverty, long distances to school, safety concerns and lack of teachers, stop parents from enrolling children in school. Opportunities to go to and stay in school can be especially limited for girls. Some girls are forced to marry young and others are subjected to gender-based violence. The unmet safety, hygiene or sanitation needs also keep some girls from school.

UNICEF Somalia/2021/Taxta

UNICEF Somalia is working with the Government and partners to ensure this changes and more Somali girls and boys, including the most disadvantaged children, have an opportunity to attend and learn in school.

The generous support from Canada, the EU Commission Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) and the  German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through the German Development Bank (KfW), has made this possible.