Humanitarian Situation Reports


Humanitarian Situation Reports

UNICEF Somalia/2017/Holt
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Conflict, insecurity, drought and famine have defined Somalia throughout more than two decades. Currently, about a third of the population is still in crisis and in need of immediate food security and livelihood assistance – over 70 percent are in the conflict-ridden South where humanitarian access is limited due to the high level of insecurity. Rates of acute malnutrition illustrate an almost unimaginable situation: 30 per cent of children under 5 are acutely malnourished.

The Humanitarian Situation Reports provide concise operational documents to support the coordination of humanitarian response. It provides a snapshot of current needs, response and gaps and is produced on a monthly basis.

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Sitrep 11/2017: 31 July 2017 [PDF]


  • Since January 2017, UNICEF and partners have provided lifesaving therapeutic treatment to 129,602 severely malnourished children. This represents 105 percent of the children reached in 2016. The number of admissions in the hotspot areas of Bay, Bakool, Galgadud, Mudug and the Shabelle regions account for 37 percent of all children reached to date.
  • To scale-up its nutrition response, UNICEF has established 51 partnerships with local and international NGOs, delivering services through more than 750 mobile and fixed sites across Somalia. Efforts are also underway with WFP to strengthen the integration of the nutrition response, through an analysis of areas with low coverage of nutrition services. As a result, UNICEF is opening three additional Stabilization centres, as well as 30 fixed and 48 mobile outpatient therapeutic programme (OTP) sites.
  • In light of the scale of internal displacements, and to contain the AWD/Cholera outbreak, additional emergency latrines and garbage disposal pits are required in IDP sites and hotspot areas, combined with enhanced hygiene promotion and provision of hygiene kits. UNICEF urgently requires additional funding to procure and pre-position emergency WASH supplies in regional supply hubs to support 150,000 households affected by AWD/Cholera.


Sitrep 11/2017: 31 July 2017 [PDF]

Mid-year Sitrep 10/2017: 1 January to 15 July 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 9/2017: 16 to 30 June 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 8/2017: 1 to 15 June 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 7/2017: 16 to 31 May 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 6/2017: 1 to 15 May 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 5/2017: 15 to 30 April 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 4/2017: 1 to 15 April 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 3/2017: 16 to 31 March 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 2/2017: 1 to 15 March 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 1/2017: February 2017 [PDF]

Sitrep 11: Reporting Period December 2016 to January 2017 [PDF]


Sitrep 10: Reporting Period November 2016 [PDF]

Sitrep 9: Reporting Period October 2016 [PDF]

Sitrep 8: Reporting Period August-September 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 7. Reporting Period July 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 6. Reporting Period June 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 5. Reporting Period Mayl 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 4. Reporting Period April 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 3. Reporting Period March 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 2. Reporting Period February 2016 [PDF]

SitRep 1. Reporting Period January 2016 [PDF]



SitRep 12. Reporting Period December 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 11: Reporting Period November 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 10. Reporting Period October 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 9. Reporting Period September 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 8. Reporting Period August 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 7. Reporting Period July 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 6. Reporting Period June 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 5. Reporting Period May 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 4. Reporting Period April 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 3. Reporting Period March 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 2. Reporting Period February 2015 [PDF]

SitRep 1. Reporting Period January 2015 [PDF]





Pre-famine briefing note - July 2017

Situation in numbers

6.7 million
People in need of humanitarian assistance

1.4 million
Children under-5 acutely malnourished

UNICEF Appeal 2017 - US$ 147.9 million


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