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Life through the eyes of a Somali child-pictorial
3 December 2013 - UNICEF Somalia organized for 400 Somali primary school children to be trained in photography and provided the cameras. In a short space of time they had taken more than 10,000 photos on various themes providing a unique insight into their world.

Maternal and Child Health

December 2013 - In keeping with tradition most Somali women still give birth at home without any skilled personnel with them. However in Somaliland, this is slowly changing thanks to a a three-year-long programme co-funded by the European Commission that targets maternal and newborn health in Somaliland and Puntland and which will help more than 20,000 mothers and newborns.

Polio outbreak Response in Mogadishu
July 2013 - In May the first Polio outbreak in Somalia for 6 years was announced in Mogadishu. When it was found that two year old Najmo from Mogadishu had the wild polio virus, the Government, supported by UNICEF and WHO launched an emergency vaccination campaign.



 Strengthening Resilience in Somalia
6 December 2012 - While we must continue to respond to emergencies, we need to consolidate the gains made and strengthen the resilience of the 3.8 million Somalis still in need.

    Fuel efficient stoves help protect girls and women from sexual violence
25 July 2012 - UNICEF correspodent Susannah Price reports on fuel-efficient stoves that will bring a wave of change for Somailan women and girls displaced by last year's famine. Read related story.
   One year after Somalia's famine, a story of recovery
20 July 2012 - A year ago, four-year-old Ismail Mohamed was on the verge of death: The story of a young famine survivor in Mogadishu. Read related story.
  The Children of Mogadishu… One year on
20 July 2012 - A year after the famine, women and children in Mogadishu tell their stories. Read related story.
  Mogadishu's children
On 20 July 2012, Somalia marks one year since famine was declared in parts of the country, amid the worst drought in 60 years. Some 450,000 children remain at risk of acute malnutrition. Read related story.
     A day in the life of a UNICEF field worker in Mogadishu
18 July 2012 - UNICEF correspondent Susannah Price reports on signs of progress seen in Somalia as UNICEF Emergency Specialist Maulid Warfa visits schools, a refugee camp and a medical centre. Read related story.
  Daily hardship remains a way of life for many children in Somalia
18 July 2012: Osman Adan Mohamed describes his life in a camp for the internally displaced in Somalia. Read related story.



 UNICEF Programmes in Somalia, face and overcome multiple challenges: Sept 2010-Watch a presentation on UNICEF's programmes in Somalia where children are undoubtedly among the most vulnerable in the world. They continue to suffer from violence, displacement, loss of livelihood, exploitation and abuse.


 UNICEF calls for release of child soldiers: May 2010- UNICEF Somali Representative Rozanne Chorlton speaks about the recent rise in recruitment of child soldiers in Somalia. Read related story.

 UNICEF Regional Director notes progress made on water: May 2010- During a visit to Bossaso in northeast Somalia, UNICEF Regional Director saw firsthand programmes for children and women. Read related story.

 Nutrition programme expanded to fight spreading acute malnutrition in Somalia: Dec 2009- UNICEF and partners provide nutritional treatment to acutely malnourished children across Somalia. Read related story. |
  UNICEF, WHO and partners deliver Child Health Days in Mogadishu: Feb 2009- Despite insecurities, a wide-scale health campaign reaches children and women in the Somali capital. Read related story.



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