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A village suffering for three years from drought given a ray of hope

UNICEF Somalia/2017/Hashi
© UNICEF Somalia/2017/Hashi
Education activist Madina brings her two daughters to the new village school for registration.

By Mohamud Hashi – UNICEF Education consultant

Jowhar, Middle Shabelle, Somalia, 13 July 2017 - Madina Ibrahim Hajji wanted to send her three children to school but there were none in her village or nearby.

The village was made up of farmers whose crops have failed for the past three years due to the drought. However, as part of UNICEF’s massive scale up due to the prolonged drought, her village of 350 families was chosen as one to benefit from a school.

Madina decided to send her two boys and a girl to school because she said she did not want them to suffer from a lack of education as she had.

Madina was one of the women in Jowhar Somali village, south east of Jowhar town in Middle Shabelle region who was selected to join Community Education Committees of the village. She participated in a training in Jowhar town on the roles and responsibilities as a member of the Committees members in promoting access to vulnerable children, discussing and reaching consensus on matters affecting community as whole and children in particular. 

UNICEF Somalia/2017/Hashi
© UNICEF Somalia/2017/Hashi
Mother of three Madina talks about the importance of education in the community.

“Now we have a school in our village and there is no excuse for denying any children the opportunity to go to school and learn,” said Madina.

Funds from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) were used to support this school and access to inclusive educational opportunities for vulnerable girls and boys affected by drought through the establishment of temporary classrooms, training of teachers, provision of teaching and learning materials and community support.



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