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UNICEF Somalia/2017

“Vaccinate your children!”
In Somali, some 180,000 children had never been vaccinated. Supporting the government, UNICEF is a major partner of immunization and our work has been funded by many donors, including UNICEF National Committees that recently contributed US$1 million.

UNICEF Somalia/2017/Price

Baidoa southern Somalia March 2017
Somalia is suffering from a severe drought and it is estimated that nearly a million children will suffer from moderate or severe malnutrition this year.

UNICEF Somalia/2017/Price

Back in Somalia for the first time in 28 years
UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Omar Abdi returned to his home country Somalia to see the tragic effects of the ongoing drought and UNICEF’s scaled up response. He visited several projects in Mogadishu, Garowe, Hargeisa and Ainabo, Somaliland.

UNICEF Somalia/2016/Rich

UNICEF-EU urban water project
Thanks to UNICEF-EU urban water project, by 2017, 1 million Somalis in four major towns of Somaliland will have access to clean water at 41 litres per person per day.

JHNP/Adriane Ohanesian 2014

Joint Health and Nutrition Programme
The Joint Health and Nutrtion Programme aims at reducing maternal and infant mortality, while strengthening the systems that support improved quality and access to health care.

UNICEF Somalia/2015/Makundi

Access to safe drinking water and sanitation
There is a strong link between children’s health and well-being and their access to safe water, use of proper sanitation and their hygiene behavior. UNICEF prioritized the installation of WASH facilities in schools and the promotion of hygiene education.

IDPs in Mogadishu

Long-awaited rains cause further displacement
14 October 2011 - The long awaited rains have finally arrived in the south central region of Somalia. Unfortunately, the sudden precipitation is having a devastating impact in several Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in and around Mogadishu.

Child receives oral polio vaccine, credit: UNICEF Somalia/2010/Morooka

Child Health Days in Boroma, Somaliland
In May 2010, the second round of the Child Health Days campaign was implemented in Boroma district, northwest Somalia (Somaliland). The campaign is supported by UNICEF and WHO all over Somalia to provide high-impact health services to children and women.

Somalia fights polio
On 17 June, 2005, Somalia launched an immunization campaign, to protect the country's children from polio. The campaign came after a warning of polio re-infection from nearby Ethiopia and Yemen. Somalia has been polio-free since October 2002.



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