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Abderahman, 13, Bossaso

UNICEF Somalia/ 2011/ Morooka
© UNICEF Somalia/ 2011/ Morooka
Abderahman sits in his classroom at Shabelle school for displaced children in Bossaso, northeast Somalia.

As told to Iman Morooka

BOSSASO, Somalia, 30 March 2011: My name is Abderahman Hussein Morsal. I am 13 years old and attend second grade in Shabelle IDP school in Bossaso town [coastal town in Puntland, northeast Somalia].

I was born in Mogadishu [capital city of Somalia]. Seven years ago my family moved here, but I don’t remember how it was like in Mogadishu. My family tells me that we moved because of the problems there. Because of the fighting.

I used to work as a shoe shiner from age seven to 12. I have never been in school till last year, because I was working to help my family. But I wanted to learn, and both my parents encouraged me to go to school I joined this school. My father works now as a porter in town to support me and my six siblings.

In the afternoon, I go to the Madrasa [Quranic school]. I like it more than the normal school because I like to learn the Quran.

My favorite game is football. I play with my friends on thursdays and fridays because the rest of the week I go to school and the Madrasa and don’t have time to play. I don’t have a ball of my own, but one of my friends has one, so we play together.

At night, I help my mother with shopping and anything else she needs help with. We live in a hut made of rags and cardboard, we have no water and no electricity at home. It’s my sister’s task to go buy water for the family from the nearby water point. It costs 2000 Somali shillings to buy 20 litres of water.

When I grow up I will become a teacher to help my community. I will not travel abroad. I want more business for my community, and I wish we have better houses, electricity and water at home.  



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