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Children attending school for the first time talk about their hopes for the future

9 September 2013 - Somalia has launched the Go 2 School Initiative, an ambitious effort to get one million additional children to school following decades of conflict and continued displacement.

Enrolment rates in Somalia are among the lowest in the world. Only four out of every ten children are in school.  The initiative gives a chance for many Somali children to go to school for the very first time - these children in Hajji Alim Community Primary School in Puntland, north-eastern Somalia told UNICEF about their ambitions now that they are being given the chance of an education.

ZabineAbdi Jama, nine years

This is my second week in school and my dream is to become a teacher when I complete my studies so that I can teach more children. My best subject is Arabic language and I enjoy being in school.

I want my school to get more books with pictures in them so that I can learn how to read.

Every day when I go home, I help my mother, since she is the only parent I have alive.

Halima Mohmoud, 11 years

This is my first time in school. My parents are pastoralists and live in the village. I am the only one among nine children attending school. Five of my elder siblings don’t go to school and live in the village with my parents.

Here in Garowe, I live with my aunt. Education is important to me because it will help in future. When I complete my studies, I want to become a Minister. If I go back to my parents in the village, I will ask them to send my other siblings to join me in school.

Ayan Abdelgadir, 6 years

 I love to be in school because I will become educated and help my people. I want to become a doctor when I complete my studies. We moved to Garowe from the village two years ago. My two elder brothers are not going to school because they have to help my mother find food. Since I was born I have not seen my father and don’t know where he is.

School is good because I meet friends and get to know the teacher.

Abdelgadir Jama, 10 years

This is my first time in a formal school. I started attending Quranic school but dropped out when my father died. I now live with my mother who runs a small tea shop. In future I want to become an official in Puntland. I want to see our school develop with more classrooms and a big compound so that we can play.



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