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AWD/Cholera awareness raising among children

UNICEF Somalia/2017
© UNICEF Somalia/2017
School children in an IDP camp in Afgoye learning about AWD/cholera.

Afgoye, Somalia, 22 February 2017 - An outbreak of Acute Watery Diarrhoea/Cholera has affected more than 4000 people, mostly children, in Somalia since the start of the year. Communities forced to flee their homes by drought or conflict and living in makeshift settlements with little or no sanitation are particularly at risk from the waterborne disease. Therefore UNICEF’s partner Somali Community Concerns worked with parents, Children Education Committees and community elders in three schools in one of the country’s largest settlements for the Internally Displaced in Afgoye, about 30 kilometres north west of Mogadishu, to raise awareness about the disease and how to prevent it. Posters and leaflets were distributed to 185 children from 32 Child To Child Clubs. 

UNICEF Somalia/2017
© UNICEF Somalia/2017
Children look at posters on AWD/cholera distributed by UNICEF to their partner working in IDP camps in Afgoye.



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