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UNICEF briefing on flooding and continued humanitarian crisis in Somalia
8 June 2018 - Media coverage of UNICEF briefing on flooding and continued humanitarian crisis in Somalia
>> Children at Risk of Death from Heavy Flooding in Somalia (VOA)
>> UN: 1.25 million Somali children face acute malnourishment after floods (Xinhaunet)
>> Somalia: Unicef Says Somali Children Face Acute Malnourishment After Floods (allAfrica)
>> UNICEF: About 230,000 people displaced in Somalia (Devdiscourse)
>> From drought to floods in Somalia; displacement and hunger worsen, says UN (UN News)

Ein ewiger teufelskreis (Hellweger Anzeiger)
3 April 2018  - Dollow. In der prallen Sonne Somlias wird die volle Wucht der Dürre spürbar. Kann eine neue Hungernot verhindert werden? Deutschland will helfen, die Menschen besser gegen die wiederkehrenden Krisen zu wappnen.
>  Hellweger Anzeiger [PDF] German

Somalia im teufelskreis von dürre und terror (Badisches Tagblatt)
27 March 2018 - Mehr als ein drittel der einwohner benötigen humanitäre hilfe. Dem land am Horn von Afrika droht die nächste hungersnot.
>> Badisches Tagblatt [PDF] German

Somalia: Im ewigen Teufelskreis des Hungers (ZDF)
22 March 2018 - Krieg, Konflikte, Klimakatastrophen: Laut einem neuen UN-Bericht leiden immer mehr Menschen weltweit unter akutem Hunger. Besonders krasses Beispiel: Somalia.
> ZDF (German)

Der ewige Teufelskreis: Wie vermeidet Somalia die nächste Hungerkrise? (Tageblatt)
22 March 2018 - Report from DPA on German Government’s funding for resilience work by UNICEF and WFP in Dollow, South Somalia
>> Tageblatt (German)

UNICEF and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency looking at water and sanitation projects in Kismayo
19 March 2018 - Coverage of the UNICEF and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) looking at water and sanitation projects in Kismayo 19 – 20 March 2018.
>> Somali Cable  ( Somali)
>> Eryal television ( Somali)

German television pieces on the drought in in Somalia 
16 March 2018 - German television pieces on drought in Dollow, south Somalia after the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) announces funding for a joint United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF programme on women and children’s nutrition.
>> Deutsche Welle (German)
>> Tagesschau (German)
>> Tagesschau (German)

Huge measles campaign in drought-hit Somalia aims to protect children and save lives
12 March 2018 - A nationwide campaign continues in Somalia to protect millions of children against the potentially deadly effects of measles. WHO, UNICEF, national and local health authorities aim to reach more than 4.7 million children aged from six months to 10 years during the overall campaign.
>> STN TV ( Somali)
>> SNTV ( Somali)
>> Goobjoog TV ( Somali)
>> Warka Universal TV ( Somali)
>> Horncable TV ( Somali)
>> SBC Media ( Somali)
>> Hiddo Radio (English)
>> Hiddo Radio ( Somali)

Government of Germany contributes €50 million towards strengthening resilience in southern Somalia
8 March 2018 - The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has committed €50 million for a joint United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF programme to tackle women and children’s nutrition in Banadir and Gedo.
>> Africa Newsroom
>> Mareeg ( Somali)
>> SBC ( Somali)
>> RTN TV ( Somali)
>> Horncable TV ( Somali)
>> STN TV ( Somali)
>> Goobjoog ( Somali)
>> Warka Universal TV ( Somali)

UNICEF und „RTL – Wir helfen Kindern“ kämpfen gegen Neugeborenensterblichkeit in Somalia (RTL)
27 February 2018 - RTL fundraising campaign to support maternal and newborn health in Somalia.
>> RTL
Nativity on a knife-edge: the struggle for survival in Somalia – in pictures (The Guardian)
26 February 2018 - For newborns in Somalia, many of whom are delivered in dusty, makeshift shelters without the assistance of a midwife or doctor, the risk of infection is high. With drought and conflict driving many women from their homes, one child in every 26 dies within 28 days of birth – many on the same day. By Hannah Summers and Kate Holt.
>> The Guardian

Jeden Tag sterben 7.000 Babys weltweit - dabei ist die Mehrzahl der Todesfälle vermeidbar (RTL Next)
20 February 2018 - Report from German television RTL from Puntland about the high rate of neonatal mortality in Somalia
>> RTL Next

UNICEF supports various medical centres in Wajid, Bakool region (Goobjoog News)
15 February 2018 - UNICEF supports several health projects in Wajid district in Bakool region contrary to earlier reports the area lacked medical support and facilities, the UN body has said.
>> Goobjoog News ( Somali)

Federal Ministry of Health with UNICEF support launched second round of polio immunization campaign
28 January 2018 - The second round of the polio vaccination campaign targeting over 726,000 children in Banadir, Lower Shabelle and Middle Shabelle regions was launched by the Federal Health Ministry with the support of UNICEF and WHO.
>> Goobjoog TV ( Somali)
>> Goobjoog website ( Somali)
>> Horncable ( Somali)
>> SAB TV ( Somali)
>> SNTV ( Somali)
>> KALSAN TV ( Somali)
>> SBC TV ( Somali)
>> Shabelle Media ( Somali)
>> Danan Radio ( Somali)
>> Radio Risaala, Midday news ( Somali)

UNICEF and Save the Children press release calling for action to help children affected by mass IDP settlement evictions in Mogadishu
11 January 2018 - The recent unannounced destruction of several informal settlements on the outskirts of Mogadishu, together with the forced evictions of thousands of families living there, are having devastating effects on children, UNICEF and Save the Children said today. 
>> The Manila Times
>> WN
>> Reliefweb
>> African Business
>> Xinhuanet
>> Save the Children
>> CNB Africa
>> Somali Update



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