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Somaliland Measles and Birth Registration Campaign
In December 2015/January 2016 the Somaliland authorities, with UNICEF and WHO carried out a measles vaccination campaign targeting over one million children – and at the same time registered children to provide them with an official birth certificate. This joint campaign was widely covered in the Somali media:
>> Idaacadda Subaxnimo (VOA Somali)
>> Warka aanu calamka idiinka haynay oo dhan (Somaliland National TV)
>> UNICEF oo Somaliland ku tilmaantay maamul hoos yimaada waxay ugu yeedhay dawladda soomaaliyeed iyo tiro koob madani ah oo ay qorshihiisa wadaan (Warsuga News)
>> Warka berbera talaalka (Somaliland National Television)
>> Tallaalka Jadeecada Oo Maalintii Afraad Ceerigaabo Kasocda(Waaheen Media Group)
>> Caruur dhan hal million oo jadeeco laga tallaalayo (BBC Somali)
>> Tallaalka Jadeecada Oo Ceerigaabo Ka Bilawday (Sanag Productions)
>> Somaliland Measles and Birth Registration campaign (Somaliland Informer)

Five years since the famine, Somali children are still stalked by the menace of hunger (Daily Maverick)
16 December 2015 - Since the 2011 famine, malnutrition in Somalia has decreased, to some extent. Among children under five years old it has fallen from 18% in the 2011 Gu (the rainy season in Somalia, which is the primary cropping season and runs from April to June) to 13% in the 2015 Gu. However, the improvement has not been enough to lift hundreds of thousands of children out of the fear – and the reality – of hunger. Read the full article >>

UNICEF launches new polio vaccine in Somaliland (Somaliland Sun}
27 September 2015 - UNICEF announced a new polio immunization campaign in Somaliland, which has been polio free since 2007 despite an outbreak which began in Mogadishu, and introduces a new vaccine. Read the full article >>

Protecting children in the world's most dangerous places (
20 August 2015 - On 28 July (aired on 20th August) BFM 89.9, a Malaysia Radio Station interviewed Sheema Sen Gupta, Chief of Child Protection for UNICEF Somalia, on the life of a humanitarian worker in Somalia. Listen to the podcast >>

Somalian militia treated them cruelly, a Malaysian shows them kindness (
14 August 2015 - When she arrived in Somalia for her tour of duty four years ago, Sheema Sen Gupta had had more than a decade’s experience as a child protection specialist with Unicef. She’d worked in various countries like Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka where she had seen and dealt with the tragic consequences of natural calamities and conflicts. Read the full article >>

Somali minister hints at move to ban FGM (The Guardian)
13 August 2015 - Women’s minister says time has come to outlaw female genital mutilation in country with world’s highest prevalence of the practice. Read the full article >>

Africa celebrates one year without polio: UN (Yahoo News)
12 August 2015 - Mogadishu (AFP) - Africa has marked one year since the last case of recorded polio, with the United Nations celebrating Wednesday a key step towards eradicating the disease. The last recorded case on the continent was in Somalia on August 11, 2014, although health officials must wait two more years before declaring the continent free from the highly infectious, crippling virus. Read the full article >>

Blaming the victims of rape in Somalia (AFP)
6 May 2015 - After 14-year-old Fatima was raped by a tuk-tuk driver, she was arrested, detained for a month and raped repeatedly by a police officer, according to the child and her aunt. Read the full article >>

After Somalia's famine, hunger persists (AFP)
1 May 2015 - Three years have elapsed since famine killed more than a quarter of a million people in Somalia - more than half of them children - yet for many of the country's poorest and most vulnerable people the hunger has not gone away. Read the full article >>

Photoclub Mogadishu: children in Somalia offer a snapshot of lives overshadowed by war – video (The Guardian)
5 February 2015 - UNICEF helped to train around 1000 Somali children and youth in basic photography and provided cameras so they could document their own lives. Watch the video>>

Somali President ratifies the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Mogadishu (VOA)
27 January 2015 - On 20 January 2015 Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) providing a basis for the Federal Government of Somalia to realise the rights of all Somali children. Watch the video >>

Somalis speak out against female genital mutilation – audio slideshow (The Guardian)
22 July 2014 - Somalia has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM) in the world. UNICEF Somalia has been working for nearly 20 years to change attitudes towards FGM/C which can leads to long term medical complications and even death. View the audio slideshow >>



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