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The Under-Five and Maternal Mortality rates in Somalia are amongst the highest in the world; one out of every seven Somali children dies before seeing their fifth birthday (137 deaths/1,000 live births) with a higher number in south and central Somalia. The leading causes of infant and child mortality are illnesses such as pneumonia (24 per cent), diarrhoea (19 per cent), and measles (12 per cent), as well as neonatal disorders (17 per cent). Undernutrition is an underlying factor in over a third of the deaths.

One out of every 12 women dies due to pregnancy related causes (Maternal Mortality Rate is 732 deaths of mothers for 100,000 live births – down from 1210 in 1990). The average fertility rate is 6.6 children per woman. Access to maternal health services is low with 44 and 38 per cent of births in Somaliland and Puntland being attended by skilled birth attendants. Somalia is also drought prone and faces food insecurity, which is exacerbated by poor healthcare, lack of access to safe drinking water and safe sanitation facilities.





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