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The situation of Women and Children in Somalia

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Basic Indicators


Basic Indicators

 Total population   12.3 million (PESS 2014)
 Population under 20  7.1 million (PESS2014) 
 Population under 5  1.68 million (PESS2014)
 Life expectancy at birth  56 (SOWC2016*)
 GNP per capita  435 (World Bank)
 Maternal mortality ratio (per 100,000 live births)  732 (SOWC)
 Under 5 mortality rate (per 1,000 births)  137 (SOWC)
 Infant mortality rate (under 1)  85 (SOWC)
 Under 5s acutely malnurished  305,000 (FSNAU#)
 Under 5s severely malnourished  58,300 (FSNAU)
 Access of pop. to clean water  45%
 Access to adequate sanitation  25 % 
 Per cent practising open defection  53% (rural 83%)
 Percentage of children in school  42% 
 Primary school attendance ratio (net)  25 (boys) 21 (girls) 
 One-year-olds immunized against DPT3 (%, age 12-15 months)  42%
 Pentavalent  43%
 Adult HIV prevalence   0.5% (SOWC)
 Percentage of women who have undergone FGM/C  98% (SOWC)
 Fertility rate

 6.4% (SOWC)

*State of the World's Children
#FSNAU seasonal assessment 2016



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