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Go-2-School (G2S) Technical Advisor for Somali Republic/Somaliland Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Programme

Vacacny Annoucement Ref: UNICEF-SOM/2014/04

Terms of referenc (TORs) for Go-2-School (G2S) Technical Advisor for Somali Republic/Somaliland Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Programme

Title: G2S/GPE Technical Advisor Consultant

Category and Grade Level: P3/NOC Equivalent 

Type of Contract: Special Service Agreement

Length Of Contract: 5 months

Organization Unit: Education

Duty Stations: Nairobi with extensive travel to Somalia

Date of Issue: 06 February 2014

Closing date of Application: 13 February 2014


Somalia’s education sector is divided into three main administrations, the Ministries of Education (MoEs) of Somaliland and Puntland as well as the newly established (changed from the Directorate) Ministry of Education (MoE) of the Somali Federal Republic in South Central region.  Each ministry functions independently with its own unique education agenda.  In addition, the institutional capacity of the three administrations varies including the levels of refinement of the Education Sector Strategy Plans (ESSPs). Along with the ministries, the Education Sector Committees (ESCs) in each region structured by NGOs, INGO, donors, private entities, and implementation partners are driving the Somali education sector. 

In July 2012, Somalia officially joined the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) partnership as one of the first federal states receiving funding from the GPE. In relation, Puntland and Somaliland’s five year-ESSPs underwent an appraisal/endorsement process in February 2013. For Somali Federal Republic, a three year-Interim ESSP was developed and underwent a similar process as that of Somaliland and Puntland in July 2013. These processes analysed the quality and the minimum standards of the Plans so as to become the basis for developing the GPE Programme.

GPE Programmes (duration: three years) under the three administrations were developed through careful consultations with the ESC members.  Along with the ESSPs, Somalia’s nation-wide Go-2-School Strategy (2013-2016) that focuses on building resilience through education sits as the basis of the GPE Programmes. In June 2013, Somaliland (approximately $4.2 million) and Puntland (approximately $2.1 million) successfully received approvals of the grant applications. Grant request from the SFG (approximately $8.2 million) is currently been assessed by the GPE Board Members. 

UNICEF was appointed as the Managing Entity (ME) for GPE grants in Somalia by the ESC members, and European Union (EU) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) were appointed to play the role of an altering Coordinating Agencies (CAs).  

For Somaliland and Puntland, work programmes and monitoring plans were developed in October 2013, now ready for implementation.  For SFG, the former DoE applied to the GPE’s Accelerated Funding (advanced payment of approximately $1.2million from their allocation of $8.2million) to recruit approximately 1000 new formal primary school teachers, to provide an accelerated pre-serve teacher training (conducted in September 2013), and to pay incentives  ($100 per month) to both new and existing teachers, commencing September 2013. Work programme for SFG is yet to be developed.

While the GPE Programmes are developed, all three education administrations, including the ESCs, require strong external support for implementation. Considering the level of institutional capacity and the politically-sensitive nature of the GPE programme combined with the effort to harmonise donor programmes, ME and CA is expected to provide solid assistances to pave way for a successful implementation.

In the three regions of Somalia, the overarching G2S program is seen as the common education umbrella for Somalia. Its concept based on regional Education Sector Strategic plans, outlines the most critical components for the country to ensure improved learning and enrolment for an additional 1 mill children and youth.

Purpose of the consultancy 

As a Technical Advisor, the consultant will strategically work with the MoEs, ESC members, UNICEF (ME), and EU/USAID (CA) to monitor timely implementation of the GPE work programmes on the ground. The work includes support to the MoEs, close monitoring of the implementation of activities as well as monitoring of how such activities are monitored by the respective education administrations (both at the central and regional/district-level) and UNICEF. With limited institutional capacity along with lack of government funding to further the capacity of the education sector, key ministry staff members taking the lead in implementing the GPE activities are overloaded with tasks each day. While flexibility toward timeliness and adjustment of activities will be considered based on the needs, it is imperative that the implementing entities (mostly MoEs) are monitored and supported by a strong personnel to keep track of the GPE plan/schedule.  One of the key components of the GPE Programmes is to pay teacher incentives and to develop teacher management frameworks. While these topics are the strong requests from the ESC and the ministries, selection of teachers and how to monitor teachers’ performances draw sensitivity both within the ministries as well as those on the ground. Therefore, strict monitoring mechanisms are currently being developed under each component area. Such monitoring mechanism requires strong management, especially by a professional that understands the local contexts and is able to communicate using the Somali language. The consultant will work in all three administrations of Somalia and share information of good practices and lessons learned among all regions.  The consultant is expected to mediate any potential risks of delays of works and/or conflict through strategic communication with the related people on the ground. The consultant is also expected to communicate with all related stakeholders and provide necessary guidance for delivering GPE activities in order to achieve the objectives by the end of the GPE Programme.

As a Technical Advisor, the consultant will also be expected to actively work with the MoEs, ESC members, and other partners to ensure timely implementation of the Go2School work programmes on the ground. The work includes supporting MoEs on the ground to keep track of the plan/schedule and implementation of Go2School activities. The Technical Advisor will work in close collaboration with UNICEF WASH and Health sections to support and coordinate as necessary and to ensure all requirements of school-based WASH and nutrition interventions are met in a timely and efficient manner. The Technical Advisor will also be expected to ensure the G2S Steering Committee meeting will be established and functional to work closely with G2S steering committee on all matters related to project visibility. 

Specific tasks 

The consultant will:

  • Be based in Nairobi with an extensive travels to Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Garowe. The Consultant is expected to spend equal time among the three cities however needs based.
  • Support and monitor the status of GPE & G2S activities based on the programme work programme (action plans by sub-components) and monitoring frameworks in all zones;
  • Raise any issues hindering the timely and smooth implementation of GPE & G2S activities;
  • Active participation in the ESC and build strong network with ESC members, MoE management, and key stakeholders for on GPE to obtain full agreement and commitment for supporting the Programme;
  • Coordinate with UNICEF staff members on the ground to encourage activity implementation, monitoring, and reporting; and 
  • Coordinate/communicate/provide insight to the stakeholders to reduce any risks that may hinder the success of the GPE & G2S Programmes.
  • Support the Go2School SC on the development, implementation, coordination and management of Go2School initiative with a particular focus on the coordination of all activities within this framework. 
  • Work with G2S team across the three zones to support planning, monitoring and evaluation and monitoring of Go2School program progress against established targets. Support and coordinate as necessary G2S school-based WASH and nutrition interventions.

Scope of the Work 

In collaboration with the Zonal Head of Education Sections, Chief of Education, and the GPE Manager of UNICEF Somalia, the work will be carried out in close collaboration with the key stakeholders in Somalia, including ESC and other partner organizations well as in coordination with the CA. While specific technical-level deliverables will be led by the respective Directors of Departments, Technical Advisors, with the assistance of UNICEF regional staff members, the consultant will ensure alignment of statuses based on the GPE set plans and agreement of activities. The consultant will hold regular meetings with UNICEF and other relevant partners during the consultancy to ensure a healthy and transparent environment to implement the Programme.


The consultant is expected to submit the following: 

  1. Bi-monthly status report/memo (by zone) on specific tasks and actions under each component area set for the month (based on the Action Plans/Monitoring Plans), 
  2. Proposed amended Action Plans (if needed) based on the status of implementation in each zone (work with zonal Education teams)
  3. Monthly meeting (with meeting minutes and action points)with UNICEF Head of Sections, Chief Education, and Programme Manager) for sharing status of activity implementation, bottlenecks, good practice examples, and/or issues to be raised and discussed;  
  4. Presentations at the ESC meeting on G2S including GPE Programme;
  5. One Steering Committee meeting planned and held; and 
  6. G2S/GPE visibility products (work with USSC Communications Team).

Reporting, Supervision, and other Arrangements

The consultant will work closely with and reports to UNICEF Somalia, under the overall responsibility of the UNICEF Somalia Programme Manager. The consultant will be hired under the UN salary rates and benefits if hired as an international consultant, Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) will be provided during travels, however, DSA will not be paid while based in Nairobi. Life Insurance will be covered under the standard UNICEF consultancy agreement. . The office requires proof of a personal Medical Insurance in addition to a Medical clearance. If necessary, all Visa and work permit to be provided to UNICEF by the consultant. 


The consultancy is expected for the duration of five months. It will commence on 20 February, 2014 for an initial period of two months extended to five months subject to satisfactory performance.


  • Fluent in Somali and English language; 
  • Good writing and communication skills;
  • Advanced university degree in management & administrations, education, education programme management, social sciences, development studies, or related  disciplines; 
  • At least 5 years of experience  in the field of education programme planning and management, social  sector planning and design and/or related fields; 
  • Good interpersonal and negotiation skills;
  • Experience in teacher payment and/or teacher management is a plus;
  • Experience in developing countries particularly in the fragile states and working experience with international organizations is an added advantage; 
  • Experience of programme monitoring and evaluation in the field of social development or education programme is an advantage.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications with updated UN Personal History Form P11, updated CV attaching copies of academic certificates to the email below. UN staff are requested to provide the last two Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs). Applications submitted without a duly completed and signed Personal History Form (P11) which can be downloaded here or at http://www.unon.org/docs/P11.doc) will not be considered.  Please indicate your expected fee for the assignment. Applicants must quote the vacancy number and post title in the subject line of the application. 

Email to: somaliahrvacancies@unicef.org 

Download the Terms of Reference [PDF]

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organisation.





Personal History Form (P-11)

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