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Social Protection Strategic Framework

VII. Key Emerging Issues

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Humanitarian action, adolescence and youth development, urban poverty, and migration: these four areas constitute a set of emerging global trends and new policy issues that have led governments to look to social protection as a possible response. This chapter discusses the ongoing debates and the potential role of social protection, as well as areas for future research.

Humanitarian action: How can social protection potentially contribute to preventing and increasing people’s resilience to crises, mitigate impacts, and support the transition to long-term development?

Adolescence and youth development: How can social protection contribute to enhancing individual capacities during adolescence? Can it address key determinants of youth under and unemployment?

Urban poverty: In urban environments, what are the key challenges for social protection policy and programming given the particular characteristics and vulnerabilities of the urban poor?

Migration: How can social protection reduce “push” factors for internal and international migration? How can it address the vulnerabilities children and their families face in their countries of origin and destination?


Key areas covered in this chapter:

• Humanitarian action and social protection
• Adolescence and youth development
• Social protection and the urban poor
• Migration





Executive Summary


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Evidence on the Impacts of Social Protection on Child Outcomes (Annex B)

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