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Social Protection Strategic Framework

V. Key Policy Issues and Challenges

Implementing integrated social protection systems

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Countries face a set of critical issues and challenges when implementing integrated social protection systems. These include: social protection financing; the politics around social protection; sequencing and prioritization of interventions; and institutional capacity at national, regional and local levels.

The Framework discusses how social protection programmes can be affordable and sustainably financed and argues for the need to identify and implement long-term financing strategies to protect and expand social protection programmes. This chapter examines different financing options and outlines key issues to consider, such as technical and political assessments of the costs, returns to investment, etc.

The design and implementation of social protection programmes and policies entail prioritizing investment and developing the most appropriate sequence for reaching desired objectives and long-terms goals. This chapter discusses critical elements that should inform sequencing decisions including: countries’ social protection objectives, the current vulnerability situation, existing social protection policies, and political and institutional contexts.

This chapter also highlights the importance of understanding and assessing the political factors that influence social protection and its impact on the relationship between citizens and the State. Additioanlly, it discusses the relevance of assessing the existing institutional and administrative capacity of a country (national, regional and local/community) in this process.

Key areas covered in this chapter:

• Social protection financing
• The politics of social protection
• Sequencing and prioritization
• Institutional capacity



Executive Summary


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Evidence on the Impacts of Social Protection on Child Outcomes (Annex B)

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