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Global economic crisis and recovery

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In many parts of the developing world, children and poor households are being hard hit by the cumulative effects of the continued high food prices, economic slowdown and fiscal adjustments. As households cope by compromising essential expenditures, children's rights to education, health, and protection have come under increasing threat.

Many governments are facing increased social demands, but decreasing fiscal resources to address them. Despite signs of recovery in some parts of the world, economic recovery will not be soon or strong enough to protect many children and the poor. UNICEF is working within countries to provide ongoing technical assistance to partner with governments in education, health, social protection and socio-economic policies. Crucial actions include:

- Urgently scaling up quick-impact social protection initiatives such as food security programmes, cash transfers to households, guaranteed work schemes and school feeing.
- Maintaining, and where possible increasing, social expenditures to preserve gains in the realization of children's and women's rights and long-term national development achievements.
- Promoting economic recovery to raise household living standards such as increased investments in agriculture and food security and employment-generating industry and enterprises, with a view toward strengthening households' resilience to shocks.
- Identifying sources of fiscal space to promote economic recovery.
- Presenting a set of alternative policy options for social and economic recovery that can be used in a national dialogue on crisis responses and post-crisis policy adjustments.



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