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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

LIS-UNICEF collaboration

LIS Data Cross-National Data Center: Child poverty in middle-income countries

The Social Policy and Economic Analysis team at UNICEF headquarters has joined forces with the LIS Cross-National Data Center, an organisation that collects, harmonises and makes available household survey data on income and consumption from a wide range of countries.  LIS, formerly known as the Luxembourg Income Study, has been collecting survey datasets since the 1980s and has a long established record of providing data on high income countries for analysis of poverty and inequality.  In recent years, LIS has widened its coverage to middle income countries, and, especially the so-called ‘BRICs’.    Understanding child poverty and inequality in these rapidly emerging economies, and being able to compare the drivers of these inequities across countries by exploiting LIS’ consistent harmonised definitions of consumption and income, will provide crucial insights into equity concerns that can feed into social protection and other programme responses for these countries by UNICEF.

Work on LIS data began in October 2012 and findings and papers will emerge over 2013.  We have started our analysis using recent data (from 2008 onwards) for MICs that have large populations, with South Africa and Colombia as our two initial countries for profiling and comparison.

In addition to producing empirical profiles that look at child poverty, we are also producing a ‘user’s guide’ for UNICEF staff in the field to allow them to use LIS data for profiling and comparison.

For a full set of countries and survey datasets held by LIS see http://www.lisdatacenter.org/our-data/lis-database/documentation/list-of-datasets/

Contact points:
UNICEF: Martin Evans mcevans@unicef.org
LIS: Janet Gornick JGornick@gc.cuny.edu



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