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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Child Budget Analysis: Jordan 2009

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AUTHOR Ian Mackenzie and Adrienne Shall
TYPE Field Examples
DATE 2009
TOPIC Budgeting for children

The aim of a Child Budget Analysis is to analyse policies, plans and budgets which are associated with child rights to provide information which can be used to advocate for the fulfilment of these rights.

The Jordan 2009 CBA (conducted between March and August 2009) is the first study of its kind in Jordan. The objective of the study is to provide a baseline which will be used to plan a long term Child Budget Engagement Strategy. The methodology for the analysis made use of the framework described in the study ‘Monitoring Child Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa1’. This included identifying the rights which form the basis for the study (in this case the Convention on the Rights of the Child); identifying government policies and legislation giving effect to the rights; identifying specific programmes within a ministry resulting in the realisation of the rights; and then analysing budget allocations to the ministry programmes. The research team consisted of a combination of local and international consultants as well as non-government and government researchers bringing a dynamic mix of data and issues into the process.

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