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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

A Framework and Recommendations for Action on Children Affected by Migration in the Caribbean

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TYPE Field Examples
DATE 2010
TOPIC Migration

Migration presents both opportunities and challenges for societies, communities and individuals. It brings substantial amounts of remittances to the region contributing to the national economy of the territories and the well-being of individual families and their members. Migration can be complex, with mixed flows of refugees, asylum-seekers, economic migrants and other vulnerable migrants such as victims of trafficking, smuggled migrants, stranded migrants, unaccompanied (and separated) minors, those subject to violence (including gender-based violence) and psychological distress and trauma during the migration process.

Mixed flows may include migrant workers, cross-border traders and migrants moving for environmental reasons. Migrants can be male and female, adults and children. This complicated migration context is increasingly evident in the Caribbean, necessitating a versatile response tailored to the individual needs of migrants in accordance with established international norms protecting the human rights of all persons, including children. Migration can alter family structures and countless numbers of children are affected in different ways. Children can migrate with their parent(s) or can be left behind by one or both parents who are migrating. Children who are left behind live either with one of their parents, relatives, non-related caregivers or sometimes even alone with younger siblings. Children who migrated may be living with their parent(s) or ‘separated’ from their parents but living with members of their families or caregivers in the country of destination. They can also be living alone (unaccompanied).

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