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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Social Protection Floor Costing Tool

The UNICEF-ILO Social Protection Floor (SPF) Costing Tool allows users to cost different social protection measures and helps examine the affordability and sustainability of increasing the scope and extent of social protection coverage by providing concrete quantitative figures over a 20-year period. The Tool can be used to analyse both existing and planned social protection benefits.

The SPF Costing Tool is accompanied by a manual that explains each step and suggests possible sources of data. Additionally, the user is encouraged to consult the Explanatory Note, which clarifies the purpose of the SPF Costing Tool, specifies the assumptions behind its calculations, and outlines its strengths and limitations.

The Tool is compatible with the United Nations Population projection data, which can be found here

The SPF Costing Tool has been used by a number of countries – including Argentina, Egypt, Madagascar and Senegal – as a means to conduct broader costing and affordability analyses. Some of these experiences are shared below. Please contact Jennifer Yablonski or Amjad Rabi with questions or comments. 

Available for download: 
 - Explanatory Note
 - Costing Tool Manual
 - Costing Tool
 - Country experiences using the SPF Costing Tool: Argentina (ENG; SP), Madagascar, and Senegal.

To access the inter-agency website of the Social Protection Floor, please click here