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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Child Poverty and Disparities in Mexico

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TYPE Field Examples
DATE 2010
TOPIC Child poverty and disparities

Mexico is considered by the World Bank to be a middle-high income country (World Bank, 2008); with a relatively high Gross National Income of $12,580 dollars in 2007 (World Bank 2009) and a GDP per capita of $14,400 USD in 2008 (The World Factbook, CIA). However - and despite the progress achieved in social development in the nineties - Mexico still has high levels of poverty and inequality that directly affect children. 

In this Report we study different aspects of child poverty, inequality and wellbeing in Mexico, using the Mexican Family Life Survey as well as other Mexican surveys including the National Survey of Household Incomes and Expenditures. This Report consists of Policy
Tables and Statistical Tables. The first one comprises the main documents, programs, laws and strategies that are currently in place that relate to child poverty, while the second one comprises detailed statistical al analysis on childhood, poverty, disparities; deprivations and wellbeing of the children.

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