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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Conditional Cash Transfers: a Global Perspective

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AUTHOR Gaspar Fajth and Claudia Vinay
TYPE Lessons Learned/Good Practices
DATE 2010
TOPIC Child-sensitive social protection

Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) are social protection programmes that transfer cash based on premise that households – typically those with children and young family members – will use health, education or other services that policymakers consider of public interest. The increasing popularity of CCTs is one of the most significant developments in global social policy since the expansion of social security in industrialized countries. Following decades when combining economic growth with provision of basic social services was considered the hallmark of development, CCTs have focused attention on addressing the demand for these services and barriers to access. This shift is highly relevant for the Millennium Development Goals. Over the last two decades, poor and disadvantaged populations have benefitted little from economic growth and improving services, undermining countries’ progress on nutrition, education and health-related goals in many countries.


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