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Integrating a Family Perspective in International Migration Policy

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AUTHOR Mihaela Robila
TYPE Meeting Notes
DATE 2009
TOPIC Migration

The current economic crisis calls for more comprehensive and coherent approaches to international migration policies. Migrants are most of the times not isolated individuals, but part of family systems, meaning not only that their actions are impacted and influence the other family members. The policies organizing migration also have significant consequences on all parts of the family system. Therefore, instead of targeting individual international migrants a more comprehensive approach would be to consider migrant families, since individuals are part of family systems, and as such when they migrate their whole system is changed. The policy focus needs to be shifted from the impact of migration on individuals to its impact on families, both in cases where the whole family migrates or when some of parts of the system such as the spouse and/or the children are remaining in the country of origin. Using a family perspective while developing international migration policies will promote a more integrative framework on the complex phenomenon of migration.

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