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The Global Economic Crisis – Including Children in the Policy Response

UNICEF and ODI were pleased to host the conference The global economic crisis – including children in the policy response. It took place November 9-10, 2009 in London, UK. The conference convened development practitioners, policy experts and academic researchers from around the world to examine the ways in which the food and fuel price volatility, financial market volatility and global economic slowdown are affecting children and youth in both developing and developed countries and recommend policy responses.

Submitted papers draw upon original research, evidence from past crises or first-hand policy-making experience to advance the discussion of how best to ensure children's access to services during and after the crisis.  For more information about the conference, please contact us at

Please visit our conference website for logistical details about the event and e-proceedings. 

Conference Papers

Including Children in the Policy Responses to Economic Crises from Caroline Harper, Nicola Jones and Andy McKay is a synthesis paper motivated by a concern about the effects of the current economic crisis on children and their care-givers, who are often particularly vulnerable when crises strike.

Panel 1: Lessons learned in past crises and expectations for the current crisis

Panel 2: From potential threat to current realities: emerging impacts on children of the current crisis

Panel 3: Childhood and vulnerability: Compounding risk during crises

Recovery with a Human Face: Discussion with authors of UNICEF’s ‘Adjustment with a human face’ on what has and hasn’t been learnt from past experiences

Panel 4: Including children in policy responses: Past lessons and future scenarios

Panel 5: Snapshots of responses in progress

Concluding remarks and presentation



UNICEF-ODI Conference website

Visit the UNICEF-ODI conference website to see the complete agenda, conference details and e-proceedings.  Updated frequently; check back often!