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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Sustaining the Environment to Fight Poverty and Achieve the MDGs

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AUTHOR Poverty-Environment Partnership Programme
ORGANIZATION United Nations Development Programme
TYPE Working Paper
DATE 2005
TOPIC Child poverty and disparities

The world's poor depend critically on fertile soil, clean water and healthy ecosystems for their livelihoods and well-being. This reliance creates complex, dynamic internactions between environmental conditions, people's access to and control over environmental resources and poverty. Understanding the nature of these relationships is a prerequisite for enduring success in the fight against poverty. Yet, the central importance of environment for poverty reduction, and the economic case for pro-poor investment in environmental assets, remains dishearteningly unfamiliar to many. As a result, the environmental concerns of the poor all too often are marginalized within the context of national development planning and efforts to reach the MDGs.        

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