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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

South-South Migration and Remittances

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AUTHOR Dilip Ratha and William Shaw
TYPE Working Paper
DATE 2007
TOPIC Migration

In this paper, the World Bank reports on preliminary results from an ongoing effort to improve data on bilateral migration stocks, and set out some working hypotheses on the determinants and socioeconomic implications of South-South migration drawing on a survey of the literature. They estimate that 74 million, or nearly half, of the migrants from developing countries reside in other developing countries. In other words, South-South migration is nearly as large at South-North migration. The impact of South-South migration on the income of migrants and natives is smaller than for South-North migration. However, even small increases income can have substantial welfare implications for the poor, and cross-migration can improve the match between skills and requirements in the countries involved, thus raising efficiency and welfare.

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