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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Eliminating Gender Dispartity in Primary Education: The Case of Turkey

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AUTHOR Edmond McLoughney, Maria-Luisa Fornara, Sandar Zavarko and Kerry L. Neal
TYPE Working Paper
DATE 2007
TOPIC Budgeting for children

This paper addresses how to ensure gender parity in primary school enrolment in Turkey by 2010. Gender inequality is a significant problem in Turkey, despite improved rates in schooling in recent years. There are several barriers to girls’ education, including a shortage of schools and classrooms. Further, many families suffer economic hardship and the traditional gender bias favours sending boys to school and keeping girls at home to assist in domestic chores and help augment the household’s income.  This paper proposed three policy measures to resolve the problem of female attendance in school. More schools, classrooms and experienced teachers are needed for underserved rural and urban areas, a cash transfer system must be created for poor families on the condition that their girls attend school and we must develop convincing arguments demonstrating the importance of girls’ education geared toward the male-dominated culture.

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