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Past meetings and events

MENA High level regional technical meeting -Measurement and Policy Approaches to Enhance Equity for the New Generation in MENA.
22-23 May 2012. Morocco. UNICEF’s MENA Regional Office partnered with the Morocco Country Office and the Government of Morocco to engage a dynamic network of high-level policy-makers, researchers and practitioners on innovative approaches to addressing child disparities in the Middle East and North Africa. Gathered policy makers from thirteen countries in the region, in addition to Mexico and China, as well as representatives from such organizations as the World Bank, UNDP, IDRC, Silatech and UNICEF to influence governmental decisions during a critical time of social and political transformation in MENA. 

Child Poverty and Disparities: Public Policies for Social Justice Conference sponsored by UNICEF Egypt
19-20 January 2009. Cairo, Egypt. More than 450 academics, policy makers, government officials, NGOs representatives, media representatives and students participated in the first ever international conference on child poverty and disparities. Over the two-day conference, 26 renowned international researchers from 17 countries presented their research findings and policy recommendations for public policies that aim to reduce child poverty and disparities. Click here for presentations and papers from the conference.

Dhaka Regional Conference
The UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia held a regional conference entitled “Achieving Child Wellbeing and Equity in South Asia – Towards a New Understanding of Child Poverty and Deprivation,” in Dhaka in November 2009. The conference brought together over 70 policymakers, researchers, UN agency representatives, civil society representatives, donors, and UNICEF staff from seven of the eight South Asian countries participating in the Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities.

Viet Nam high-level conference: Translating child poverty research into concrete policy options
The Government of Viet Nam, under the leadership of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Planning and Investment, together with UNICEF organized a high level conference entitled “Rethinking child poverty: what policy options for Viet Nam?” in Hanoi in November 2009. This conference seeked to reach high-level consensus and support to integrate a multi-dimensional child poverty approach into the national policy response in Viet Nam, with a particular focus on socio-economic development plans, national poverty reduction policies and strategies in the country.

UNICEF China co-sponsored strategic policy seminars on child poverty
Jointly with the China Development Research Foundation, UNICEF co-sponsored a high-level strategic international policy seminar on Anti-poverty and Early Childhood Development in October 2009. In addition, jointly with the State Council Leading Group Office Poverty Alleviation and Development, UNICEF co-organized the Child Poverty and Development Training Seminar in late 2009. This seminar aimed at contributing to strengthening the emphasis on child poverty in the Government's Poverty Reduction Strategy, and at influencing the design of China’s 10-Year Poverty Reduction Program (2011-2020). Both seminars contributed to promoting understanding of the multiple dimensions of poverty and remaining child poverty challenges in China.

CEE/CIS regional workshop
A third workshop in a series of Global Study regional workshops for the Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States region was held in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic in April 2009. This workshop brought together the four Global Study country teams of researchers, including partners from government and UNICEF social and economic policy specialists from Kyrgyz Republic, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kosovo, with participation from other country offices interested in learning about the preliminary study findings.

Morocco: 1st Social Policy & Child Rights Forum
The first Social Policy and Child Rights Forum in Morocco was held in May 2009. The forum received wide press coverage and was opened by the Prime Minister. The forum provided an opportunity to initiate a policy debate on Child Poverty, Social Budgeting and the Social Impact of migration/remittances on children.

Child Poverty and Disparities conferences
In 2008, UNICEF organised conferences with each of the regional offices participating in the Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities to strengthen the link between UNICEF colleagues and their national counterparts and to facilitate an exchange of ideas and solutions for implementing the study. The first conference was held jointly with the New School in New York City. See more on the conference website. See UNICEF's Social Policy Agenda presentation for more detailed information. The agendas, presentations and meeting reports from the regional meetings are available below.

The Americas and the Caribbean Regional Office
1-2 July 2008, Panama City, Panama. See the presentations on childhood poverty in Brazil, La Convergencia entre el Estudio Mundial y la Colaboraction con CEPAL and evidence and policy. Read the Global Study meeting report for a full summary of the conference.

Middle East and North Africa Regional Office
24-25 November 2008, Sana'a, Yemen. Visit the Global Study website to see the conference agenda, expected outcomes and presentations.

16-20 June 2008, Amman, Jordan. See the  and presentations on the overview of the global study with a regional focus, UNICEF's initiatives for the region, how-to guides to assist users with the templates, measuring child poverty and evidence and policy. See country specific presentations from Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Morocco and Yemen.

11 March 2008, Cairo, Egypt. Read the agenda, opening remarks and media release from the Egypt orientation to the Global Study. See the presentation on child poverty in Egypt in English and Arabic and child poverty and social rights in English and Arabic.

East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office
12-16 May 2008, Bangkok, Thailand. See the list of participants and the presentations on an overview of the global study with a regional focus, UNICEF's initiatives for the region, UNICEF's regional policy issues, data informing policy, econometric analysis and policy and evidence. See country specific presentations from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, the Phillippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. Also see the summary of regional progress up to that point.

14 March 2008, Hanoi, Viet Nam. See the agenda and presentation from the Viet Nam orientation to the Global Study.

South Asia Regional Office
7-9 May 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal. See the list of participants, the conference  and UNICEF's initiatives for the region. See country specific presentations from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan. Also read the government overview of child poverty in Nepal and the data collection paper focusing on Bangladesh, India and Nepal. See presentations on food security in India, the global rise in food prices and Millenium Development Goal progess in the South Asia region. The reading materials distributed at the conference include the report Focus on Children Under Six, the accompanying article from the Economic and Political Weekly on the report, the summary of key issues in the region and a concept paper for the region.

East and South Africa Regional Office
9-11 April 2008, Lilongwe, Malawi. See the country specific presentation from Tanzania.

Central and Easter Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Regional Office
2-4 April 2008, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. See the list of participants and the presentations from the conference outlining how this study aims to impact child poverty policy. Also see presentations on a conceptual framework for analysing the impact of policy on childrenchild poverty during times of transitionpublic finances and services for children, assessing the impacts of policies on children, measuring child poverty for policy purposes and outcome determinants and feedback loops from the study. See country specific presentations from Krgyz in English and Russian, Ukraine in English and Russian, and Uzbekistan. Also see a presentation on basic information on household surveys in Ukraine in English and Russian. Read the paper on policies for children in transition countries and the Global Study meeting report for a full summary of the conference.

West and Central Africa Regional Office
12-14 February 2008, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire. Read the agenda, list of participants and the conference objectives. See the presentations on UNICEF's initiatives for the region, social policy and children in West and Central Africa, the regional study on the reflections of children's interests in PRSPs and budgets in West and Central Africa and measuring child poverty for policy purposes. See country specific presentations from Burundi in French, Cameroon in French, Congo in French, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Mali in French, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Read the paper from the Overseas Development Institute on social protection and children in West and Central Africa and the report from the group on the Global Study.