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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

Incidence, Depth and Severity of Children in Poverty

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AUTHOR Alberto Minujin and Enrique Delamonica
TYPE Working Paper
DATE 2005
TOPIC Child poverty and disparities

This paper examines the first ever estimate of the number of children living in poverty in developing countries. The incidence of child poverty was estimated by establishing how many children suffer severe deprivation in at least one out of seven indicators that are internationally recognized as their rights as well as constitutive of poverty. This is a major step forward in the analysis of poverty. This paper explores how to estimate the depth and severity of child poverty.

Two countries can have the same proportion of children living in poverty, but the actual plight of children could be very different depending on how many deprivations, on average, the children suffer. Even if they suffer from the same number of deprivations, we need to understand if all children are suffering in same way, or if they are unevenly distributed. These considerations can be used to estimate the depth and severity of poverty.

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