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UNICEF Social Inclusion, Policy and Budgeting

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Social Protection Strategic Framework
In March 2012 UNICEF launched its first global Social Protection Strategic Framework. This document argues for the expansion of inclusive and integrated social protection systems, explains UNICEF’s approach to child-sensitive social protection, and puts forth a collaborative policy agenda for social protection.

Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I)
The Social Protection Floor Initiative is a global effort to promote a first level of social protection for all. In addition to this resource, an inter-agency website on the Social Protection Floor can be expected in early 2012.

Better Care Network: Social Welfare Systems
The Better Care Network is a vital source of information for people working on issues related to children who lack adequate family care.

Brooks World Policy Institute (University of Manchester)
Brooks World Policy Institute is a multidisciplinary centre of global excellence researching poverty, poverty reduction and inequality in both the developing and developed worlds. Working papers may be viewed here.

HelpAge International
HelpAge International works toward universal social pensions, basic education and health care should be incorporated as a single social protection goal in national and international development plans.

International Labour Organisation: Social Security
The Social Security Department, with its long experience in the field of technical cooperation activities, research and policy development on issues dealing with social security, provides International Labour Organisation member states with tools and assistance to achieve and maintain the right to social security for these people.

Institute for Development Studies Centre for Social Protection 
The Centre for Social Protection aims to provide a global focus for research, policy analysis and capacity building on social protection.

International Poverty Centre publications on Social Protection
The International Poverty Centre is a joint project between the United Nations Development Programme and the Brazilian Government to promote South-South Cooperation on applied poverty research and training. It specializes in analyzing poverty and inequality and offering research-based policy recommendations on how to reduce them.

The Transfer Project
In partnership with national governments, research partners and civil society, UNICEF, Save the Children UK and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have launched The Transfer Project, which is an innovative research and learning initiative that supports improved knowledge and practice on social transfers in Africa. The Transfer Project’s 3rd annual workshop was held in Lusaka, Zambia, on April 23-25th, 2013. The workshop featured evaluation results from nine cash transfer programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Topics included health and nutrition, HIV prevention and adolescent development, consumption, local economy and productive effects. Presentations, selected papers and the participant list are available here.

Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme  
The Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme offers a series of short films that outline the history and functioning of a major social transfer programme and combines expert opinions from the implementing ministries and organisations with beneficiary experiences.

World Bank: Social Protection and Risk Management
The mission of the Social Protection and Labor Sector is to assist World Bank country clients to alleviate poverty and promote equitable and sustainable growth.

UNICEF/ODI Report Series
UNICEF’s Regional Office for West and Central Africa has commissioned a major study on social protection and children in the region with the aim of understanding better the existing state of social protection provision and the opportunities and challenges in strengthening social protection to benefit the poorest and most vulnerable children.



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