Child Outlook - July 2011

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AUTHOR Isabel Ortiz, David Anthony and Nicholas Rees
TYPE Policy Brief
DATE 2011
TOPIC Economic crisis and recovery

Global trends and economic policies matter for children because they shape the environment in which children and their families live, and their well-being. A world fit for children is one that must be based on making social and economic progress with equity, with special assistance applied to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Faster, deeper and more equitable gains for the children will require a sound understanding of the critical global drivers of and threats to economic and social progress in the 21st century, and a willingness to adapt actions, advocacy and accountabilities in support of children’s rights to the realities of a rapidly changing world. Child Outlook, a new policy briefing on global trends and their implications issued by UNICEF’s Division of Policy and Practice, is a contribution to that understanding.

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