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Site guides

Child-friendly activities

Have a go at these exciting and informative games and activities!

UNICEF World Heroes
Help kids worldwide by delivering supplies for UNICEF!

UNICEF Halloween Coin Toss
Help to raise money for UNICEF in the Halloween Coin Toss!

The new game about survival on Voices of Youth. Play now!

Peer Pressure Can Be A Good Thing
A guide on best practices from Jamaica's adolescent HIV/AIDS peer education programmes.

PAR Guide
A guide for young people, and those working with young people, providing information on Participatory Action Research (PAR) methods of particular relevance to young people.

What would you do?
An interactive game that explores real life situations with regard to HIV/AIDS.

Who am I?
What if your country didn't know you existed? How could it take care of you? Explore this site to learn about the important issue of birth registration.

A Brief History of UNICEF 
Discover how UNICEF got started...

Helping Children Around the World
Learn more about how children live in other countries around the world.

Top 10 Cartoons for Children’s Rights
Take a look at the top 10 cartoons that illustrate children’s rights.

Children's Rights
Children's Rights are human rights. Learn about the ten basic rights that all children have.

School Corner
Visit the School Corner for discussion boards, activites, resources, links, screensavers and more!

Get resources that teachers and students can use to build their knowledge about important issues in children's lives around the world.

Little Book of Children's Rights and Responsibilities
An illustrated summary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Download the UNICEF screensaver
Invite some of the world's children into your home or office, through the new UNICEF screensaver.

Voices of Youth Brainteasers

There are always two sides to every story. Check out these brain teasers and see if you can decide what is the most important consideration.

Brain teaser 1: Is an adult who has a continuing abusive relationship with a child, exchanging gifts, rewards or protection for sex, worse or the same as someone who pays for sex with a child on the streets?

Brain teaser 2: If all commercial sexual exploitation of children is stopped, will some children be robbed of the means to survive?

Brain teaser 3: If everyone shares the responsibility for protecting children, why should law enforcement only target the direct exploiters?

Brain teaser 4: Can you trust people you 'meet' online?



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